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Soul Functioning

Hi Deepak: I just finished reading your book - The Book of Secrets. I loved it so much that I read it 3 times and made notes to use as daily reminders. How does our soul carry on and function after our physical body dies? Is consciousness an emergent property of brain processes or is it an inherent quality of the Universe? Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge.


The physical body is a vehicle for our consciousness. Consciousness is the basis of physicality, not a by-product of it. A radio receives and processes nonlocal radio waves and that allows us to hear the music or voice, but the radio did not make the music, nor are the radio waves dependent upon the physical radio for their existence. In the same way, our nonlocal consciousness is projected through our body and senses, but our consciousness is not dependent upon the body for its existence.


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I have experienced the difference between the body and consciousness. I have noticed that sometimes I may have a pain in my body. But when I am really interested in something and my attention is fully focused on that other thing, I no longer notice my body. Does this make sense? I don\'t know any other way to explain it.
Ruth Wilmore - October 17, 2013
If consciousness does exist independent of the body, how do we explain that physical brain damage, depression, ageing or chemicals such as alcohol can fundamentally alter both the experience and expression of that consciousness? \nOne can construct thought experiments in which such `damaged` minds go through the cycles. The inevitable conclusion, as far as I can see, is that our consciousness coalesces as a unique individual only in the context of our physical bodies. \nIf there is a spark, or thread that continues, it leaves the biological component behind. \nThis means our memories, thinking abilities, temperament, and any other faculty that can be demonstrably alerted by interfering with the pain of the body, dies with the body. \nI`d love to hear a hypothesis that challenges this view.
Thtexp - October 17, 2013
As your `spirit` slowly dissipates into the ether so does your self-awareness. Everything you were ceases to be. This is death. The molecules that are bound together, slowly drift apart.
Ralph Midnight - October 16, 2013
looking great Deepak, looking for the next TCS conf. :)
Nuur Lana - October 15, 2013
Joy is not the opposite of suffering. Compassion is the opposite if suffering. How would we know of compassion if it were not for suffering. It stinks but there it is. But there is also a \"joy\" that extends beyond the opposites . It is the joy of the soul, perfect and without blemish . I know, because I experienced it briefly. The path exits. \" souly\" for that purpose. To find rest in that which does not move or change.
Mdillon - October 14, 2013
Jane Loumbourosfki - October 14, 2013
lA MAYORIA DE LIBROS QUE LEO SON DE deepak chopra me fascina este autor, adoro sus lectur4as
Melida Quintero Cohen - October 14, 2013
Soraya Souza - October 14, 2013