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Connection to Source

How do I know that I've connected to my source in my silent meditation? I've been practicing silent meditation for just over a month now and I still feel as though I'm either just sitting there, or falling asleep and waking back up. I'm confused. If nothing is supposed to happen when we meditate, yet we meditate to connect to that stillness, then when does it happen? If anything my mind has become more active during silent meditation. My meditation now feels like an hour a day to let my mind run wild while I sit quietly and just let it.


You can evaluate the effectiveness of your mediation by the benefits in your activity afterward. Your subjective assessment of how “deep” you are is rarely a good measure. Individuals had their heart rate, respiration and blood hormones evaluated during meditation, and were also asked to give a subjective report on how deep their meditations were. What they found was that there was not a close correlation. Physiological measurements often indicated they were in a profound state of rest, even though they reported that mentally their minds were wandering superficially from one thought to the next.

If you feel more rested, creative and balanced in your activity after meditation, then that means you are connecting to your core source- silence, creativity and intelligence.


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great answer.
How To Deliberately Create The Playing and Performing You Want by Les Wise - October 15, 2013
I need that too thanks!
Kerry Mulherin - October 14, 2013
Love him!
Michele Ball-Berry - October 13, 2013
I needed that.
Newuser Wallace - October 11, 2013
I know I have and I thank you for the 21 day meditation ......Thank you and Oprah ..........some days I still have a tough time getting quite but I got to do it every day :)
Diana Billingslea - October 11, 2013
auk no te entiendo por no hablar tu idioma
Alejandro Meza Meza - October 11, 2013
Breathe, Relax, Thank God For Everything. Beauty, Color... Feel the wind. See... The sky. Smell... Fresh Flower\'s. Stretch. Feel the grass. Take picture, To keep moment. Discover your existence. Draw... Keep life inside you. This is your spirit. Learn Everything. \"You will be connected to the universe\". Read the bible outside aloud, The animals will listen. Same place, To build a familiarity with nature. Inside; Art, Plant\'s, Animal, Fountain, Book. \"Be blessed and be a blessing\".
Donna Ozturk - October 11, 2013
Francis Rodriguez - October 11, 2013