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In the Moment

How can we be completely in the moment , and be detached so to go on to the next? If we are completely in the moment , then we don't think about the next right? So how can there ever be a progression of moments?


When we are fully in the present moment, we are automatically detached. Attachment comes from living in the past or the future. When our attention is in the present, we are free and unattached of any particular outcome. We don’t have to think about the next moment for it to unfold. The progression of time and moments takes care of itself, we only need to be aware in the moment.


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Although I am for the most part, living in the moment, I am in conflict as I focus on \"the next step\" to make in taking steps to change jobs and making a huge geographical move. I am a goal-oriented person, and this seems to take me out of the moment unless I remind myself. So, now I`ve decided to not look for the change (to be closer to family in the other side of the country) and stay where I am, in gratitude. But, I will need to make the move due to financial reasons. Any advice on how I can stay in the moment and still put energy into making the life changes I need?
gigi - July 6, 2014
There is no next in a so-called “present moment”; in fact, there’s not even the illusion of something (we) call a “present moment” which is thought dependent on an imagined past & imagined future moment; there’s just an ever-present now. \n\nEven in the drama or story of our attachment, or the so-called freedom of detachment - now thrives: ever-present awareness – the presence Self, is always/already Being. Where awareness is aware, there is only now - there is an extinction of past, present & future & more importantly, there is an extinction (nirvana) of (you).
michael sean symonds - September 28, 2013
3 Steps to Live in the Present: 1. Drop memories about the past 2. Never worry about the future 3. Never compare for the present.
Manish Sargam - September 27, 2013
Carpe diem
Leman Bush - September 26, 2013
think ahead
Deanna Stevens - September 25, 2013
Love and Positive Intent in the Now~
Dahlis Roy - September 25, 2013
Wow, so simple!
Ro Coleman - September 25, 2013
Excellente como siempre !
Henriette Casado - September 25, 2013