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Uplifting Poetry

I am a poet, who published three books of poetry. I write mainly in response to pain, so my poems reveals the sad moments. That’s why I abandoned writing poetry so that I don’t convey any negative energy to others. Can you please advise me how to spread joy and peace and be true in expressing the negative feelings in writing.


Honest poetry must come from one’s heart, from one’s direct experience. If you are feeling bright, joyous and expansive, then your poetry will convey that. It you are experiencing emotional contraction, loss and isolation, then your poetry will convey that. However, if you want your sad experiences of poetry to spread joy and peace, then you need to get all the way to the essence of the experience. Beneath the emotional desolation there is a still beauty and truth found at the heart of one’s existence, your own pure light. By going all the way through this process and coming out the other side, sadness and grief is redeemed and transmuted in to love and peace. Poetry that accesses this experience is important because it connects to people who are stuck in sad emotions, it validates their experience while offering them a path to freedom and joy.


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Jose Angel Rivera - September 24, 2013
Deepak Chopra : Deepakji you are simply great......... a true messiah of modern times for modern people ..... loads of love to you and respect for your messages
Limi Lohit - September 24, 2013
Poetry is truly a path and so necessary to many of us. It is purely evocative and often comes to us like a breath of wind thru the leaves
Suzanne Camejo - September 24, 2013
That\'s what I tell myself when going through turmoil. I\'ll be on the other side of this soon. It really helps . Thanks D
Angel Roman - September 23, 2013