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Meditate On It

I often hear of people when they have a dream or something they want to manifest they say that they "meditate on it," and I'm not sure what that means. In meditation we move away from activity so does this mean they are creating a mantra based on an affirmation of what it is they are trying to manifest, and using that as their mantra?


It can mean many different things to different people, but I admit that I haven’t heard it used as a way to meditate with a mantra based on an affirmation. Usually if people say that want to meditate on something, they want a period of silent mind and clarity for insight and a broader perspective to emerge on some issue they are pondering. This understanding can come after meditation itself, or during meditation if it is a contemplative practice.


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Maybe what this person really wanted to say was to decree on something?
Paulina - September 23, 2013
Deepak Panchal - September 23, 2013
tau kuch pase pade he ke pa
Deepak Panchal - September 23, 2013
whatever works for them is ok
Sonia Finnen - September 22, 2013
When I want to do something, I simply go out and do it. Simple. It doesn\'t matter to me what others do to achieve their dreams, whether they meditate on it, or meditate and then pray or create mantras while they pray or after they pray. What is all this nonsense people are creating in their minds? Life is simple. If you want to do something, go and do it. Why cloud your mind with academic discussions on whether others pray or mediate or pray and meditate or create mantras? I don\'t mean any disrespect but to me this is sheer stupidity.
Carole Marchelsea - September 22, 2013
Absolutely right sir thanks for enlightening us god bless you
Anil Zalpuri - September 22, 2013
Thanks sir.
Anothai Chaiyanunt - September 22, 2013
Dreams..........just a haunting in your sleep.....nothing else........wasting time in meditation.....not a good answer.....wast of time.......
Dorethy Kinny - September 21, 2013