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Unconditional Love

Dear Dr. Deepak, I have read some of your stuff and i think you write very well. I want to ask you does love at first sight happen? And is there such a thing as unconditional love? I don't think I could love a man unconditionally. i mean if i have a husband and he cheats on me i would probably want a divorce. i think only parental love for a child can be truly unconditional. But I want to know your views about whether unconditional love can exist at all in a romantic relationship. Does true love exist at all and what is it exactly? the way true love is described in fairy tales, is it true at a symbolic, subconscious level? If you cud give your interpretation of fairy tales and maybe write a book about it, I would really love to read it. Thanks.


Unconditional love is a state of giving and secure awareness that once attained applies to all loving relationships, not just maternal ones. Years ago I wrote an entire book entitled Unconditional Love. Because it is an internal state of consciousness, the love that is expressed is not conditional upon the circumstances and events of the other person. It is based on a recognition of the absolute connection and identity of the other’s essence with your own Being. Behavior has not bearing on that experience.


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Sther MaRin - July 28, 2013
Grandeeeee Deepak.....:)
Gianna Fantini - July 28, 2013
Beautiful style. A great representation of the child-like heart, not a childish one.
Ken Truong - July 28, 2013
Yes deepak
Isabelle Cotte-Steinboim - July 28, 2013
Nice photo! :)
Debra Black - July 28, 2013