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Time to End a Relationship

How do we know that it is time to end a relationship and move on?


Apart from the obvious cases of physical abuse in the relationship, the ego mind can never know for sure it is doing the right thing. What you need to do then is not think in terms of doing what is ‘right’, but rather what your intuition tells you is the necessary or appropriate action to take. This is very different from figuring out the right thing to do. Instead it requires you to listen deeply to your heart’s guidance for what the next direction you need to take. A simple formula doesn’t work, because it won’t necessarily be the same answer from one person to the next, or even the same answer for you from one year to another. But learning to follow your heart is an invaluable skill to develop for all your life’s decisions.


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First don`t start a relation if you already know you gonna break up. Connect dots not spots ;) Don`t waste time. Before you start a relationship learn more about this person. The biggest problem in relations are how good couples can get along and work together, sharing the same goals. Offcourse every mutual goal is possible. When you don`t go for the same goal it`s time to end the relation. Also different cultures have different ways and guidelines. As humans we are still in search for solutions and this will never end, same goes for relationship problems. What can help find us more answers makes people afraid, like dnapapa. A platform where every newborn is checked for his or her dna and will be matched with his or her parents. Telling all risks every new born baby could have and putting an end to broken relations between children and the other biological creator \"the father\". At least on paper.
Boyke - July 12, 2013
Try thinking of giving it another chance and start afresh. If this thought also does not give u your peace of mind and smile back... Know that its time to move on to better things in Life. Thats my experience..
Astha - July 10, 2013
I,too, like Kathryn Hill, moved on from a relationship (well, I was forced to because he`s in prison!) ...looking back I was FULL of fear everyday of what was going to happen; always looking over my shoulder...always wondering when he was going to do meth again. Lesson learned, however, I wished that I would have initially followed my gut instinct, my unbearable anxiety and panic as I knew that this person`s history was a predictor of his future and he did indeed prove that to be correct. And when I say history, I do not mean 1-2 incidents with the law ... it was a long-term 20-year path of destruction of others and his own self-destruction. I do not regret this relationship as I learned so much about myself and what I want in life. What he was serving up was definitely not what I wished to order!
crystalpdx - July 7, 2013
To Hope N Faith Your heart is connected to ur brain which see`s ur need. Because of this, ur heart will desire it. So if u are confliction with what ur brain can see, ur heart will be clouded. So, with ur faith in God, u are in the right place to start with. Some people don`t have this gift so what is being said will help & maybe soon they will understand the act of God on to them.
Niksfm131 - July 6, 2013
Laura Bervera Almada - July 6, 2013
Deepak, glad to see you\'re for marriage equality! Thanks for supporting the cause!
Nancy Zagunis - July 6, 2013
But what if your love for an abusive partner clouds your intuition. What if the abuse is psychological. :-(
Pam - July 6, 2013
Not easy but worth doing! \nSometimes we think we are listening to our heart and it`s just ego, telling us the best way to \"suffer\" less, or just taking decisions by anger. \nIt takes time, and sometimes we will have accept maybe there is no clear decision, but we can use that situation to forgive, and conect with our real master. \n(sorry my english not so good , hope you understand)
Fabiana - July 6, 2013