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Crying in Meditation

Hi Deepak, I am your huge fan. I recently bought your happiness and attracting love cds and started meditating. After a week of meditation whenever I meditate I cry. Tears start coming out of my eyes and don't stop. And it feels in my heart. Can you tell me why that happens? Also I liked a guy and we broke up so I bought the cd to attract love. One of my friends said if I keep trying to attract him and he doesn't come back to me it will be hard to forget him after all these love attraction meditations. Is that true?


The tears are meditation releasing the pent up sorrow and grief from the ended relationship. Rather than trying to attract him back right away, let the healing of your heart come to a place of peace first. You cannot expect to move forward in a loving relationship if you haven’t yet healed and assimilated the breakup.


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Such good advice! Take heart. I was in a similar place. After a year of pain I was drawn to mediation and I made it my goal to only focus on myself and my healing. Very quickly I felt joy again and was miraculously reunited with my boyfriend not so long afterwards! \nFocus on healing; this must come first and always listen to YOUR own inner voice to guide you.
pozzgelz - August 5, 2013
why would you want to get him back girl when the very nature caused the break up. It\'s hard. Very very hard to let go such things! But all you really need to do is accept the truth first. You needn\'t attract anybody,not just him. When you\'re here, there\'s a reason! Nature\'s lessons are learnt the hard way girl. Nature doesn\'t INVEST in a junk :). You are far more worth than you think of yourself i bet! You got to attain a mental status of minimum peace, where you have started to love yourself. The tiniest things around u. When the belief sprouts back. In trivial matters m talking of. Most importantly,when you realise you can never own a thing in this nature. Be it anything. With this as the background,start meditating. Meditating soon after a breakup!? That\'s not the way :). Not being rude, but to meditate is when you already are at peace with your innerself n when you wanto become selfless and wanto transcend the limit.
Mexi Harry - July 7, 2013
heyy. i feel what you mean i have been there as well, more than once lol, everyone has break ups and that is normal. deepak is right, the heart does need to heal before you move on.\n\ntrying to get him to come back, may or may not be the right thing to do. you have to answer that yourself, if hes just going to yank you around, or use you, it is going to end up worse. what kind of person is he, truly? emotions are very strong, but if a relationship is toxic, and you know it, you will save yourself a lot of grief than in you keep going back\n\nthe thing i have come to realise on my path over the past 2 or 3 years, is that it is really important that you love and accept yourself, all of yourself for who you are, what you feel, everything. everything. unconditional love, unconditional acceptance\n\nunconditional love for yourself will help you love through this, move through a lot of stuff. i honesty will say, before i started my own evolution and work, i didnt love myself unconditionally. i only liked or loved myself when i was doing good, or what i judged as good, fun etc.\n\nas a quote i love, its not \"i love myself if, there is no if, there is no justification, there is no explanation, it is just to love\".\n\na really really good one is Don Miguel Ruiz`s Mastery Of Love. that one opened my eyes a lot. check it out, this isn;t a sales pitch, just speaking from experience, it helped me realize quite a bit.\n\nfeel free to send me an email if you like and i can perhaps lead you in the direction of some of the teachings that have helped me a long the way, some of deepaks, some of others.
jug - July 4, 2013
Healing must take place first before moving forward.
Noel Cajayon - July 4, 2013
when we sincerely love someone we must give freedom and pray for his/her welfare.Dr.Chopra is really great.
Joseph John Kennedy - July 4, 2013
Millionaire yet?
Beheading Buddha - July 4, 2013
This is so true. :-)
Lela Brown - July 3, 2013
hey doc, how do you hang on when you know it\'s done and everything is heading south foremost the health. so why bother. give me something to ponder.PLEASE!
Mary Dalka - July 3, 2013