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Love Relationships

Regarding love relationships, how do we find balance between not holding on to the one we love, setting this person free, and at the same time committing to each other and building an intimate, trusting and deep relationship?


The balance lies in finding a deeper expression of your love. Because full love forms stronger ties of trust and intimacy, while still giving the partner freedom to be who they are without control or possessiveness.


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Need to be faraway too close
Carmi - July 1, 2013
I`ve just started meditating and wondering is it worth it to meditate even while your in bad health? E.g heavy breathing, body aches and pains. Or is it best to wait until ones health has improved. Common sense tells me that meditation will improve my health in time however I just want to make sure. Also is posture majorly important? As I`m just practicing a simple breath meditation that I have learned from Deepak and haven`t had any formal lessons in meditation. Thank you very much to whoever responds.
YourSoul - June 30, 2013
That is understandable! Thank you! It is not really love when someone is controlling.
virgoheart - June 30, 2013
Finding a deeper expression of your love. This means being able to clarify with each other what manner of deeper expression would both want and how. This requires communication. If you leave the other guessing what you really want and not knowing exactly what you\'re thinking, you\'re not making the balance possible.
Villamor Vital - June 29, 2013
I think when things don\'t work out, either you or the other wasn\'t ready or cannot compute the aforementioned truth and highest standard…and this too is not a bad thing. When you also choose unwisely there is a reason, and that lies within you, so it is not about the other and something they did. Maybe you ultimately helped that person see something different. Maybe you didn\'t want to be tied down and chose a relationship where you would have to walk away. Other people don\'t hurt you. You hurt you, and that is the deepest betrayal we feel, when we can\'t trust our own judgement. Be true to yourself and understand why you did what you did. There was a reason and it\'s usually not the backward-stepping one we often think.
Elaine Morrison - June 29, 2013
easy to day Dr. Deepak....but when the same deep trust KILLS you inside
Aman Sharma Khuman - June 29, 2013
I pray I have this kind of love someday :)
Sandra Jean Sepulveda - June 29, 2013
Hi sir
Ijahar Ali - June 29, 2013