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Teenager Rejecting God

What do I do when my 17 year old says there is no God and religion? We have been going to church and practicing faith since all 3 of my children were small but out of all of them, she now says that prayers are useless and there is no God. what do I do?


Challenging the views of their parents’ is what teenagers are supposed to do. Don’t argue with her, just agree with her that at this point in her life God is not a real experience for her. May be it will later, or maybe it won’t, but many wise people have dedicated their lives to uncover their deepest truths, and a 17 year old is not is a position to deny the truth these others have attained.

If she can at least acknowledge that there may be more to know about life than she has yet experienced or learned, then she will at least be open to spirituality later in life when she finds herself ready and motivated to look beyond her youthful skepticism.


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Go to FB page \'reason vs. faith\' and enter the debate!
Eric Chase - April 23, 2013
Notice how the various gods are all made in the image of man. How can \"god\"be jealous or feel hate. These fabricated top of the pile thought forms are causing all the problems today.
Amanda Jane Mactaggart - April 22, 2013
There is nothing greater than man kind, the universe or the unknown creatures at the bottom of the sea that live by thermal vents. We are all one and the same, intrinsically linked by evolutionary tables of chemistry, biology and physic\'s not blind faith.
Matthew Mcculloch - April 22, 2013
As Mr. Chopra said, challenging the views of their parents’ is what teenagers are supposed to do; it`s necessary for them, in order to build their own personality. You say you have been going to church, so I suppose you`re of the christian faith... And, like Mr. Greenstein said, young people tend to rebel against authority, and they dislike bigotry and hypocrisy...\nMaybe it would be a good idea to introduce her to spirituality, rather than bombarding her with the dogmas of religion. There are countless books that she would certainly appreciate, like, for instance, \"Siddharta\" by Hermann Hesse (the message of this book is very \"christian\", despite the title). Don`t force her to do anything, as it would only result in escalation, and a bigger gap.
Hermanubis - April 22, 2013
YES. there are beings in the unseen with great wisdom, power and intelligence. They do not care what name you use.
Sheree - April 22, 2013
You guys crack me up...I can\'t help but find a smile on my face with all the miscommunication going on.....Doesn\'t seem like any of the post make any seperation between spirituality and religion. They \'can\' overlap but it isn\'t necessary. I\'m spiritual but no longer am prey to secularized religion. And I know many religious people who have absolutely no deoesn\'t need/guarantee the other. \r\n\n\n\nIt\'s an old arguement where first the symantics require being ironed out and going back to the oldest faiths...\"it doesn\'t matter which path we take to get there it is \'our\' path. Respect all paths\". Come on guys be tolerant and appreciate that there are places in the world you can practice without being executed for your beliefs.
Michael Griffin - April 22, 2013
The King of the Jews\nA Book made unavailable to public by the Church\n~~~\n
Arya Jayaweera - April 22, 2013
where to begin to examine these issues so wonderful that you rat Dr.\nI have the intuition to know from an early guessed and questioned me so many things that were lost with the family and social imposition. Now that I find my 50 years in his works, my big question is: At this age podre remember the forgotten and relearn what my soul claimed?
Jesus Flores@jesflote - April 21, 2013