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True Purpose

I feel like I am just existing. Why does it seem that everyone knows exactly what they are put here on earth to do. I haven't a clue. I ponder. I can't even name my talents. I'm 38 year old mother of a teen aged daughter whom I love so much. I know it's my purpose to be a mom. However, I also feel that deep down that I am supposed to do more. What can I do to find out my true purpose? Any direction would be appreciated.


While it is true that some people know at an early age that they want to be a dentist or dancer, and they follow that path for their entire life, there is more to finding your true purpose than having a clear and consistent job title. Knowing your dharma is a process of deep self-exploration, and even when you gain a sense of security that you are on your own authentic path, the self-exploration process only deepens.

So let that journey of discovery of your true self be your life purpose for now. As you continue you will learn what your real strengths, talents and gifts are. You will find what activities bring you joy and what help that you provide to others does the most good. As those parts of your self are revealed to you, you will know that kind of activity is your life purpose. It doesn’t have to have a tidy label to it, it only needs to be a feeling inside that you have found your unique style of living in the world where you are thriving and making the world around you a better place. You will find your purpose, not by eagerly awaiting a revelation, but by living that question in your daily life with openness, humility, and full awareness.


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In my case is not only a matter of purpose. It`s getting to the point at 46 of not knowing what you like, what you would like to do with your life, what you are good at. I`m a white canvass and I know that because of my past, I simply lived pleasing others and followed what they liked. Assertiveness, as a concept and word, was totally unknown to me.\nNow, in what I thought was a very sad period, I realised that at my age, alone, with almost no family besides a sister, with no family of my own and a simple 8-4 job, I have the time to find me. this is going to be my purpose. I am writing a blog about it so that I can use it as a journal about the journey. and everyday is a discovery!
luvi - April 10, 2013
me gusta
Elva Via C - April 8, 2013
Such a beautiful response to a big question. What I would ask this person is \"What do you secretly know about yourself?\" A brainstorming session over that question could be incredibly revealing. When we do that we might find that we have many characteristics that society may not put much value on. If so, then we can be certain we are on a great spiritual path! And we can know that our spiritual path serves others because of the universal principle of oneness.
The Global Healing through Prayer and Consciousness Project - April 8, 2013
True Purpose of Life : In my view becoming some thing as per our ambition is not the final goal. That is life style what you want to adopt. But life is different. It is the energy which is transforming from one form to other. Sri Vethathiri maharshi says that, the absolute space (called as dark matter)due to self compression started whirling into tiny particles which inturn in due course associated into various forms by having a change in quantity and speed. Intially the inanimate further leading animate into single sense like trees, ameebas etc. The same tree seeds formed into small creatures having two senses, further leading into three, four and five senses animal. The sixth sense is the final stage where human being started into exist. Once the sixth sense developed it has the capacity to think and realise what and who am I. By getting the answer it is being the same of intial stage that pure space, with the detachments it will merge and becomes unique into that silent matter there by completing the circuit and again ready for recycle. Thus its just cycle where it started and ending into the same. Being the Pure space, becoming into existence and after knowing the realised state it goes back rather merges into pure space that is absolute space which we call it god.
S V Trinadha Rao - April 8, 2013
Thank you so much for answering individual questions from your FB followers. Even though they aren\'t my questions, I learn something new and uplifting in every one you answer. Thank you so much Deepak! :)
Lisa Marie Mitchell - April 7, 2013
hello from buenos aires argentina deepak!!!!!!!
Graciela Kries - April 7, 2013
Um yes! Thank you for this! I\'m living a breathing this truth now!
Mistee Hansen - April 6, 2013
Love this Carrie Stanhope thanks
Walter Ferguson - April 6, 2013