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Independence and Security

I am not sure how I want my life to be. On one hand I want independence in what I do, but lack courage to step out and face the world. I am not unhappy but at the same time I feel this is not what I am. How do I resolve this internal conflict?


There is a wisdom inside you beyond your thinking mind that already knows how your life needs to be. If you connect with this intelligence and get your conditioned personality out to the way, it will all unfold naturally and effortlessly. The real you does not lack the courage and power to step out and face the world, that is the timid ego-self that is content with the familiarity of the status quo. All growth is a process of overcoming the security and complacency of the familiar to with the courage to create something new in your life and the world. That creative process is an assertion of independence and self-power. It requires courage because creativity means you are stepping into the unknown. But that courage is also a process of self-discovery. You find out who you are by exercising your power as an individual to act, to create, to make decisions. So you don’t need to have a clear plan for what you are and what your purpose is, that will unfold as you begin your journey into the world. Take your first step, then another, and you will soon find that the path of self-discovery, creativity and empowerment will provide its own motivation and courage.


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And he should, Ms. R. Pigot, continue to help as many people as he has. I thank all those who keep the ancient wisdoms, who speak it in sharing and who live it. Most physicians just give meds and send you away and are well compensated for that. How much more for someone who cares to help with more... I am learning.
learning - February 27, 2013
Rosemary, it`s true what you say, but although eastern philosophy is there (and the most of the times NOT for free) Deepak`s \"westernized version\" of that philosophy helps to introduce us to it, and besides this, nothing that we think and say is strictly from our own, we took and take ideas and thoughts since we are childs, first from our parents, and then from other people who influenced our lives along the time. I`m so sorry to tell you that your statement is not yours at all.
Patricia Pujatti - February 27, 2013
@Rosemary Pigot\nHave you heard the phrase \"dwarves standing on the shoulders of giants\"? Your knowledge, my knowledge, Deepak`s knowledge all come from somewhere else, knowledge builds upon knowledge. So what if he bases his teachings on previous knowledge, he organizes and presents it to modern society in his own way, in a way that is comprehensive and concise. He makes it palatable for us to accept and understand, he brings us wisdom that we ourselves may never taken the time to research.
miro - February 27, 2013
To Rosemary Pigot... there is nothing inherently wrong with making money at all. It`s your attitude towards money and what you do with the money that matters most (remember the Bible verse says, \"the LOVE of money is the root of much evil\" not \"money is the root of all evil\" - big difference!) Plus it`s a good thing that Deepak isn`t spouting off some new-fangled spiritual framework but is trying his best to spread ancient universal truth. You should be happy about that instead of being critical, right? :) ~Jason ( - February 24, 2013
You have to push past your boundaries to find them. Be bold. How to resolve the inner conflict? You don`t resolve and then once resolved then go out and do what you want to do. No, even with that inner conflict still there, you do something you want to do - even with all of that fear - and watch what happens... you accomplish it. And then you take that confidence you now have and then go do the next thing and push through the fear that is stopping you from doing THAT thing... and the cycle continues. You have to push past your boundaries to find them. Be bold! ~Jason ( - February 24, 2013
I\'m reading a good book by Caroline Myss called \"Archetypes\" that will help you get behind the ego and a little closer to that genuine self.
Tom Goselin - February 23, 2013
Love sets us all free. I feel so encouraged to know that there are people in this world who feel the same passion for life that I do. If you\'re into happiness, love, and awareness... you should check out my blog:
Happy Apple - February 23, 2013
@Rosemary Pigot don`t you wish you could have done the same?! He takes that philosophy and makes it easily accessible and understandable to those who need that wisdom. So, props to Deepak. keep inspiring us!
April - February 23, 2013