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Intuition and Ego

How do you tell the difference between what your intuition is telling you vs. what your ego is telling you? Sometimes I wonder whether what I think is my 'gut feel' is really the ego in disguise... Thanks so much


Messages from the ego are driven by self-interest. When intuition is pure, it is not motivated by self-preservation or fear. That means that unselfish intuition feels different in your body – it feels open, light and relaxed, not constricted.


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The ego can hide itself. \"I always share, I always help others without expecting anything back in return. I seem to be the most unselfish person in the world.\" Is \"unselfish\" the right criteria? Get into a state of no-mind and intuition will guide you.
Hilge - March 4, 2013
Intuition : it should be like this\nEgo : it must be like this only
Saeed Saiyed - February 13, 2013
When it is my intuition, I have no doubts, I just seem to \"know\". I`ve found my ego will leave me uncertain, questioning and I will feel almost nauseous.
Mammamia63 - February 13, 2013
I had no idea. I should have known the difference between intuition and ego because I`ve heard you so often on Oprah. Have also heard Oprah talk about ego and intuition over and over. I might have been a little bit afraid of the word \"ego\" because it`s not a complimentary term. It`s like you think you`re Mr. Big Stuff all the time. As you said it`s selfish.
Tea - February 10, 2013
If it feels peaceful. It is pure. \nGreat question and Deepak, thank you, you are right.\n\nHttp://
Reallyjeannie - February 10, 2013
Thats true.. when the intuition is very strong.. we feel that our ego is getting diluted...
Minaxi Parmar - February 10, 2013
Hm... But isn\'t often intuition self-preservation? To keep one aware of danger, of who you can or cannot trust, et cetera?
Regina McGrew - February 10, 2013
Hello dear man xx
Veronique Menand - February 9, 2013