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All There Is To Know

Can we know all there is to know? Will there be any limit of knowledge? And if we can use 10-15% brain, so don’t you think our concept of God is from that small usage of our mind? I would highly appreciate your answer.


Our limited concept of God is related to our limited self-awareness, not our brain as such. There may a limit on our capacity to store and remember information, but the only limit on our capacity to understand and gain knowledge is only limited by our state of consciousness.


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Dear Chopra, I agree with you... but the only limit on our capacity to understand and gain knowledge is our state of understanding that is developed according to our natural gifts of embracing knowledge. Science and philosophie are the oldest partnership and none of them make any sence alone.
Frederico Coelho - February 7, 2013
self healing !!
Christopher M Hawkes - February 7, 2013
We all make it harder for one another as for are selfs
Alice Vialpando - February 7, 2013
That is so True !!!!!
Alice Vialpando - February 7, 2013
Oh, Deepak, you are so wise...I wuv you...
Lisa Lynne Archuleta - February 7, 2013
Put in all effort to increase or boost self awareness.... To get a betr grip
Mahjabeen Siddiq Shah Monalisa - February 7, 2013
very true
Expansion Strategies For Business & Practice Owners by Effective Management - February 7, 2013
Deepak, how awareness/consciousness is different from accumulation of information in the brain. Does our awareness increase with increasing knowledge gained through sensory perception ??? If so, is it essential that all of knowledge stay in our memory as information to keep up aware ???
Babu Devnarayan - February 7, 2013