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Releasing Negativity

How do you release negativity so it doesn't reflect back on your reality?


The main thing is to know that what you are releasing the negative feeling, and not reacting or retaliating with negativity to some incident. That is typically how negativity gets perpetuated. If you have some feeling of negativity, such as fear or anger, instead of forming words and actions from that feeling and directing it at someone, take a moment and acknowledge what you are feeling to yourself. Then take 3 full deep breaths where you feel the tension and stress in your body and mind release. If you have a private space, you can make an audible tone to accompany your exhalation that facilitates the expression of your feeling. Some people find that writing out their feelings is an effective way to safely release negative feelings. It can also be helpful to go for a walk in nature or workout in the gym or dance. All of these are good ways to clear charged feelings without hurting anyone or continuing the cycle of hurt.


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Thank you deepak
mike - July 31, 2015
Its about energy management isn`t it
so true - February 12, 2013
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Jane - February 7, 2013
Writing helps, yes. But how do u actually let it go? Taking a deep breath, going for a walk, finding a place where you can be alone, etc., are ways of holing back, stuffing it in, repressing how u really feel only for it to haunt you later in life. If it is not released, it stores itself inside the body and can manifest itself as physical pain later on. How can u release it by ignoring it?
d33b0h - February 7, 2013
I just forget it.
Jamaluddin Shamsuddin - February 4, 2013
Say that in few words!Count until 10 before speak, taht´s all!!
Fernanda Da Silva Fonseca - February 3, 2013
I actually write it out in poetry form_ whatever feelings I have, joy or sorrow _anger or pain, be it even love. I find writing it down, eases and releases cooped up feelings. Its a gateway ,most effective.
zaii - February 3, 2013
These lessons are becoming easier.
Raquel-martinez Define Your Purpose, Passion & Prosperity - February 3, 2013