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Principles to Stand For

What should we stand for?


We should stand for the expressions of our true self that we are well-suited to bring into the world. If we are artists, then we can stand for making the world a more beautiful place. If our life is centered around family and friends, then we can uphold the principle of love in all things that we do. If we are more intellectually inclined, we can aim to reveal the deeper understanding and wisdom in our life. If we have a great capacity for helping others, we can strive to be of compassionate service to those around us. These are all good basic things to stand for, and there are times when you can uphold all of them at the same time. What is important is not to be driven to stand for something by some ideal or creed, but rather to let the natural flow of attention from your higher self meet the needs to the time and situation you are in so that it produces an evolutionary outcome for everyone involved.


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thanks Deepak
trusha - December 2, 2014
sounds like where im at
trusha - December 2, 2014
Human rights! We need more people to fight for a greater cause for humanity.
UrbanSavior7 - January 24, 2013
Thank you for this, Doctor.
Bill - January 24, 2013
Always truth from the soul to share with us, many blessings
Denise Lemons - January 23, 2013
Love this Deepak
Debrah Levine - January 23, 2013
Beth Ashby - January 23, 2013
how eloquent...thank you! :)
Heather Heald - January 23, 2013