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Spousal Salvation

My wife is Christian, and I love her, but she doesn’t accept that I believe in other philosophies, every time I show her a different concept about something revealed to me, if it is different of Christian dogma , she rejects it and gets sad and sometimes we fight. I choose not to tell her about my beliefs because I see that it becomes a problem that I cannot handle, because she thinks that I am lost.and her sadness is about not being saved. I don’t like see her sad....any advice?


It seems your wife is content with the spiritual teachings she has already and is not looking for anything more right now. That is fine and if you understand and respect that, you can continue your spiritual quest without trying to urge her along in your direction. I understand that as you discover new and inspiring ideas, it is the natural and loving thing to want to share these gifts and experiences with your life partner. But it’s clear that if feels threatening and worrying to her right now, so the loving thing to do is to acknowledge that her own path, even if it’s different from yours, is perfect for her needs. Reassure her that your interest in other spiritual traditions and ideas will not jeopardize your salvation in any way, but in fact will only strengthen your spiritual destiny and connection to the divine.


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señor deepak tengo una pregunta piensas usted que estamos viviendo en un dos universos,uno palarelo y el otro materia, donde se esta siempre auto creando y expandiendo a la velocidad de la luz que habrá mas alla del otro universo invisible.
Leed Betemit - November 12, 2013
Yo era católica y gracias a mi hijo me salí y conocí todas estas enseñanzas maravillosas de Deepak Chopra. Ahora leo sus textos q me han ayudado mucho. El no tuvo q forzarme. La verdad va llegando de acuerdo a quien la busca y la intensidad con que se busca. Creo.
Fonseca Vick - March 8, 2013
Siento que por fin con Deepak encontré lo que durante casi 50 años esuve buscando espiritualmente hablando, por fin encontré el sentido de la vida sin doble moral y he encontrado la la Luz y la Paz. El verdadero sentido del AMOR, del que habló el Señor Jesus.
Martha Rosa Vazquez Marquez - February 12, 2013
Yo soy católica y pienso que todos deberíamos romper las etiquetas y AMAR a las personas por lo que son no por lo que creemos.
Evy Flowers Slim - February 5, 2013
There are many different worldviews here in the 21st century. It,s interesting to investigate the major ones and what portrait each one paints upon the life canvas .
Zach - January 21, 2013
Everybody does have different believes in different religions but if she doesn`t want to listen to any reasoning of your believes, it can damage the relationship by different believes. Therefore, do share with her in bits and pieces but change the style you share maybe one day she might be able to understand one day .. just use a more convincing way to make her understand .
muzu - January 21, 2013
hay que ser tolerante
Mauricio Caceres Rencoret - January 19, 2013
I am dealing with same issues.its going to take sometime for your wife to adjusf with your new`s seems to me that you have a spiritual mind and your wife have a religious mindset. This is a major differences. A spiritual minset person is somone. Who sees things with the eyes of faith or intuiation. A religious mindset person is someone who sees things as it is which is seeing with their natural eyes. The hard part is, it`s best not to say much if you think it going to destroy your marriage. Keep religious and spiritual conversation sample and short. If she ask any opnion on spiritual truth, think and respond with an accurate answer.your intuition will you with that. Try your best not to look arrogant but be truthful and boldly. When she is in the process of adjust to the true essence of reality which the true essence of things, take baby step with her. High spiritual truth can choke her.take it really slow. Good luck!
mackenly paul - January 19, 2013