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Overcoming Insecurity

 Sir, I am a 28 year old male. I am very much affected by criticism and flattery. Even if I consciously choose not to, it still does. I have a fairly large inflated ego and honestly speaking am insecure as well. I am very compassionate towards destitute. I am a born introvert ( I am very happy about it) and during my childhood I had inferiority complex as well. I just fail to live securely and don't know how to rise above it. Please help!


When we let ourselves be unduly influenced by others comments and remarks, it means that our core self is still undefined. It effectively means we are letting others tell us who we are, instead of truly knowing our self. So use your natural introversion to meditate so you can experience and develop your real spiritual identity. That is the only long term solution to being affected by criticism and flattery. Being a sensitive type person you will always be somewhat affected by intense people and circumstances, but as you establish your core spiritual self, you will no longer be thrown off center by people’s remarks.


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My seven year old child is very shy. He lacks confidence. How can I help him to boost his confidence.
niharika - December 1, 2013
Hi Deepak hope all is well. I`m currently reading the path to love. What a fantastic book I have to say. Thank you, it`s teaching me so much. It`s just I`m struggling putting it into practice. I`m very insecure, and have had problems in relationships since I started having them. I`m now in a relationship like no other. I don`t think I ever understood Love until now. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I`m afraid I`m going to loose him cause I can`t seem to Love myself. I`m emotionally, mentally and spiritually unstable and I need your help desperately. My heart chakra is in so much pain it makes me feel physically sick and I`m worried about my well being and health, and I`m crying out for your help. If you need to know more about my situation please ask (my email address is above), I love him so much and I don`t want it to end, he`s teaching me so much. Please, if you can, take the time to deal with this cause I`m scared of myself and what I would do if he broke up with me.\nLooking forward to hearing from you soon. Love and Light
AstroJen - January 15, 2013
This is an amazing answer! Thank you Dr Chopra!
Samz - January 14, 2013
Sound advice from Deepak. Susan Cain`s book `Quiet` is also worth reading.
elares - January 13, 2013
Hi Marcus Miller can you tell us your country & city name
Vijay Kumar Chouhan - January 11, 2013
Nice and wise recomendation... definition, identity, knowing who we really are.. from the inside, and define ourselves.!
Beatriz M. Frankquez - January 10, 2013
I believe those who criticize are insecure themselves, unless it`s constructive and not egoic.
Deelo - January 10, 2013
How would I go about that?
Marcus Miller - January 10, 2013