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Relying on Feelings
Instead of thinking all the time about how your life should be going, try a different track. Learn to rely on the most holistic power you have, which is feeling. Feeling comprises the subtle underpinning of everything. 

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susi - December 15, 2015
It\'s that feeling that drives me to want to do more, ... but can also stop my motivation in it\'s tracks, .. interesting, .. something to think about, thanks!
Suzanne DuBarry - March 6, 2013
deepak te amo
Patricia Ruiz M - March 3, 2013
Perfect!! Thank you!!
Marissa Mondragón - March 3, 2013
Thank you.
Juliette Michelle Appleman - March 1, 2013
To be released in Brasil, when? Please?
Sílvia Castilho - March 1, 2013
Wonderful reminder, thank you.
Stephany Toman - March 1, 2013
Don\'t think, FEEL!!!!
Rozzi Oriana - March 1, 2013