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Perception of Reality
Every one of the five senses can be twisted to deliver a completely different picture of the world. If by picture we mean sight, sound , smell, taste and texture of things, a troubling conclusion looms. Apart from the very unreliable picture running inside the brain, we have no proof that reality is anything like what we see. 

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thats why bhagwan krishna says go beyond your senses, do kriya... rajavidya raja guhyam pavitram adi uttamam.
Sudha Muralidharan - May 10, 2013
Ok I\'m thirsty .... Wouldn\'t mind a slushy:) that would make me happy :) maybe a mango one or even a five fruit tingle to make my 5 senses tingle.... Thats the perspective i need right now....:) And as i walk down the street i hope i find change in the drain so i can buy my neighbour one too.... Thats what my five senses tell me ....
Scott MacPhee - May 10, 2013
Jose Angel Rivera - May 10, 2013
When I delve into the complexity of existence I come to the realisation that simplicity is the answer.Why are we searching for something we already posses?
James Wall - May 10, 2013
The paradox-al paradigm permeates the realms of the obscured thus inhibiting reality to manifest in the presence of beingness.Only through perceptual introspection can I find my car keys.
James Wall - May 10, 2013
In addition to the five senses I think you have to layer in the unreliability of emotion to perceptions of reality.
Katie Katz - May 10, 2013
Why do you assume the pictures running inside the brain are unreliable?
American Tulku - May 10, 2013
It\'s all about perception.
Irene Lambly - May 10, 2013