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Achieving Success
If you want to achieve success in any field, become like Einstein. Maximize your brain's ability to adapt. 

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I actually think that you are a spirit inhabiting a body. I am not sure if by speaking of a super brain you are referring to the individuals spirit or a biological aspect of the brain. Do you believe that you are a spirit inhabitting a body, and if so how does that fit with the super brain theory?
Expansion Strategies For Business & Practice Owners by Effective Management - January 8, 2013
My secret for removing bad thoughts and demons from your everyday thinking. Play a song you like over and over. At home, in the car. For several days. You will have that song in your head, note for note, and you will block out the bad thoughts till they no longer are in your conciousness. Try it.
Jay B. Lawrence - January 7, 2013
but how ??
Rohit Ramiro - January 7, 2013
So true. When we practice living in the moment, we begin to experience original thoughts - instead of the normal day-to-day thoughts that have been programmed into our brains since our childhood. New neural pathways are created, and all it takes is being here.
TransformationMadeEasy - January 7, 2013
Yeah wow, reading Super Brain now..developing novel .cognitive connections and maintain adaptability to promote healing...Both are the core for my approach to speech therapy with brain damaged adults. Amazing to reaffirm this!
Betsy Cutler Schreiber - January 6, 2013
YES! That\'s it. OK.
Olga Mavroidis - January 6, 2013
Marlene it is good to absorb information ... But perhaps select what your brain should retain to avoid clutter xx
Veronique Menand - January 6, 2013
OK Thank you xx
Veronique Menand - January 6, 2013