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People Who Only Take Love

 Deepak, thank you for this opportunity to ask a question. I have struggled to understand some of relationships (thankfully not the close ones) in my life wherein I have given a ton of love to some people and genuinely cared for them however they have not reciprocated with the same amount of love or caring back ,choosing to be ignorant and self-absorbed instead. What makes them act with lesser love after receiving so much since I thought all of us are essentially souls made of pure love and it is in our nature to love everyone and everything?


Essentially our souls are love, intelligence and light. But when we behave selfishly, we are acting from our ego, fear-based self, not our loving self. What determines whether someone can overcome their ego self is not just a matter of how much love they have been love they have been given, but more importantly how much fear they are able to let go of in their hearts.


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One of the reasons that we are here is give without expecting nothing
Dogwalking Badbehavior - January 8, 2013
Wow ! Light bulb experience. It sometimes seem that the more love u show some people (fear based people) they more they push you away. Finally, when you feel empty... Like you have no more live to give ... They aren\'t afraid to love you. But by this time you are so drained you can\'t feel the love.\n: (
Meryle Wooster - January 8, 2013
So have hit the nail right on the head. You have answered such a complex question using so few words.
Rajesh Daswani - January 8, 2013
Thank you for this question. I just got out of a 4 year relationship. I loved my ex-boyfriend with all my heart. The love I gave him was never reciprocated. He does have a huge ego. He never opened his heart to me, I never expressed emotion. My heart hurts for him, but I know that walking away from him was the best thing for me. I will not settle, I deserve a deep, genuine loving relationship.
TS - January 7, 2013
How do we help others to let go of fear
liveforlove - January 7, 2013
I genuinely love people but don`t expect what I give to be reciprocated. I walk with Thee in the understanding that Thee is guiding me. I don`t look back and my heart is good and pure. I walk this Earth with the knowledge that Thee has put upon me. I have no animosity toward my fellow man and I shall not shame his name. The Lord has blessed me and those I have touched along the way and I am going to continue to help and love even if I am not loved or ever helped by that person.
LovesAlive - January 7, 2013
The joy of Loving comes from within whether it is received or not does not effect the power from within. He has shared a truth that helps us understand others and ourselves. Judgement is another word for fear.
Mary Ellen Graham - January 7, 2013
so true :-) love this wisdom and way of seeing things esp in relation to love - opposite of love is fear x
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