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Finding Balance
What an overweight person needs, in order to break out self-defeat, isn't a new brain, a better metabolic set point, or balanced hormones. The answer doesn't lie in these factors, they are secondary to something else - balance. 

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Perhaps the grand daddy of all of the world`s illusions is that more of a \"good\" thing and less of a \"bad\" thing is always to be sought, the goal. But the simple truth, which even a child can understand, is that just enough is the truly practical goal. Thus, a better approach is tinkering with more or less as a way of maintaining the goal of just enough, also known as balance. An exception to this may be love of God and one`s fellow beings.
Ron Greenstein - February 18, 2013
We take our physical self for granted... instead of respecting / listening to it . Kindly have a look at my page, if you like it support us by clicking on \"like\" / share with friends & help us grow ... thanks and have a nice day :)
Raj Padia - February 17, 2013
The first clue to me that my life is out of balance is the slowly creeping numbers on the scale!
Pat Sylvester - February 17, 2013
Overweight for me has always boiled down to a spiritual issue. When my spiritual house is in order (and balanced) my weight returns to a healthy one for me.
Becky Mahoney - February 17, 2013
Maybe we should love a little bit more our bodies as temple of Spirit...and connect a little bit more with our souls
Luigia Fiorentino - February 17, 2013
I keep trying to exercise, then my back goes out, so, now, I was told to limit what I eat. If you don\'t have a love or man for sex, I am frustrated too. What\'s a woman to do?
Deb Maylath - February 17, 2013
Thanks for sharing... Valentino--NYC / PA....
Valentino Povirk - February 17, 2013
Being in the medical field there are plenty of unhealthy vegans because they do not know how to balance out their diet many lack nutrients. It is all about balance.
Susan Wayne Hope - February 17, 2013