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Coping Mechanisms
When you pacify a feeling, it goes away temporarily, but it always returns. You are eating to cope with feelings. There are other ways to cope, and once you learn them, the urge to eat will lessen, because your body and mind will know that you aren't supplied with only one major coping mechanism. 

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this is help in my life
Vipul Patel - May 3, 2013
here is my thing. I was never taught coping skills as a child and now as an adult eating is the way I deal. Then I feel horrible and guilty and then eat more. It\'s a cycle I want to break so bad and have no clue how.
Christina Keeley Bennett - April 30, 2013
This is fine
Ana Anne - April 29, 2013
if more people will accept that not eating properly gives your enemies more strength over you then, maybe more people will find it useful to eat properly. people just don\'t feel that food is useful unless they use it to comfort their adolescent and infantile urges.a friend of mine regressed emotionally for a time and her eating became rediculous to the point of nearly expecting others to treat her as an infant by wanting to be spoon fed, burped,and never left alone while eating. what if so many adults were treated like infants when it comes to eating and eating properly. will that be enough to encourage them to become more adult like again?too many have been seperated too far from their instincts and their morals. with so many who starve around the world it\'s still hard to believe that so many ignore the rest the of the world and continue to rub our noses in the fact they have so much to go around ,that there is not enough to go around for those actually starving.meow,meow,meow
David Jones - April 29, 2013
But I like\'s all about finding happiness within and when the food goes within my body I\'m happy Jay :-)
Mo Alam - April 29, 2013
Mo lol
Jay Dave - April 29, 2013
Thank you.
Christine Howe - April 29, 2013
It had to be said!!! I work checking out people\'s groceries at a major chain ..... And it is so sad to watch what people are doing to themselves. And wonderful to encounter those with light. I hope this forum grows!
Katie Katz - April 28, 2013