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Obama Is the First Facebook President - What Now?
Deepak Chopra, MD is the author of more than 70 books with twenty-one New York Times bestsellers and co-author with Rudolph Tanzi of Super Brain: Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind to Maximize Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Well-being. (Harmony)

No one doubts that social networking produces results in politics, from the Arab Spring to the 2012 election, where President Obama's ground game made the difference. That ground game was an extension of the 2008 strategy for involving millions of small donors. Suddenly there was a grass-roots movement that made individuals feel as if their actions mattered. Optimists saw a wholesale shift in the democratic process, away from huge corporate donors and the corrupt influence of lobbyists. Small money could beat big money in a presidential election. What happens next?

Social networks and grass-roots democracy via the Internet could change everything, but the way forward is far from clear. Obama has stumped for his fiscal plan to keep us from going over the cliff, but that hasn't moved any votes in Congress. I've entered into the campaign to make the will of the people felt on gun safety issues since the tragedy in Newtown. We've reached a point where the Tea Party, the filibuster rule in the Senate, and powerful right-wing money has stymied the will of the majority, a profoundly undemocratic turn of events.

What's at stake is huge. For at least twenty years a mounting chorus of lament has risen over the selling of American democracy. Indefensible wars, mammoth defense budgets, and political gridlock worsened an already bad situation. With 51% of Congress being composed of millionaires, and with every legislator obsessed over raising money to get re-elected, the country has departed very far from its founding ideals.

Gun safety may be the turning point - some issue has to be. Occupy Wall Street tested Facebook politics and mass demonstrations, attracting huge media coverage but eventually fizzling out when it came to effecting new laws. Idealism remains undiminished, among the Occupy leaders and Internet forces like Move The younger generation in particular yearns for national unity to accomplish the things that every rational person wants, such as a solution to global warming.

At the moment, democracy is seriously outgunned. Thirty years of right-wing indoctrination can't be overturned in a day; the corrupting power of lobbyists and big-money contributors has become entrenched and self-fulfilling. Politicians who buck the system are out in the cold. The good news is that we have the answer. Obama's election and re-election prove that individuals matter, that one-on-one communication works to get out the vote. The techniques have been perfected.

What remains is to win on an issue that goes beyond casting a single vote one day of the year. I hope that gun safety is the one, but it may not be. Patience and persistence are called for. The will of the majority can go astray, as witness the angry frustration that swept the Tea Party into Congress. But it would be worse to have the will of the majority mean nothing, and we have come perilously close to reaching that point. Anti-democracy is the real cliff that we need to back away from.

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Deepak:\n\nI couldn`t agree more yet there is more to the story. It seems that both sides have played the money game to the detriment of the majority. It`s sickening that elections even on the local level now measure in millions and billions with big interest groups of all kinds throwing cash around to buy influence. I think the web and social networking is a great force for good to act as a counter-balance. However, until all large interest groups including unions, lobbies, and big companies are restricted, there will always be an unhealthy influence on our democracy.
connect2action - January 1, 2013
Only thing that really works is experience. Process of change is inevitable. Just go forward relying on your OWN guidance within...\nWe NOW have created a Collective Digital Consciousness on the Internet.\nProcess that what suits you towards the Innernet. HAPPY 2013!!!
YourSoul - December 31, 2012
There is nothing new about the selling of our democracy. We have a long history of corruption in government going back to Andrew Jackson and beyond.\n\nWe cannot solve our problems from without. The answer must come from the knowledge of the way things work. Thoughts are the bridges, emotions the motive force behind the passing of everything into form.\n\nIt is ironic that understanding this process of the way things work isn`t something we would all devote our lives. The closest reason for this blindness is because we`re too wrapped up in labels such as religion, politics, G-d, meditation and consciousness. In order to truly be open to the way things work you have to let go of all labels and realize that this is all happening to you in real time.\n\nWhat is the way things work? You`ll have discover this out for yourself...a good start might be to check out Thought Into Form by Mark Siet on Amazon. Don`t know how many of you have read this most remarkable work on human consciousness perhaps ever written. There are answers here for sure but you could use this as a starting point and see what you come with.\n\nHere is a hint...there are endless universes to live in. Which one you is up to you. Instead of bemoaning the status quo it is much better to change the world you live in than to submit yourself to the changes taking place around you. Cheers
jjslim - December 30, 2012
President Obama is not the only politician on Facebook....\n\nEvery political, commercial, and even spiritual effort is a game of forces. It was so and always will be. Love is the glue that holds it all together. But love is like the wind, it cannot be seen, only felt....
YourSoul - December 30, 2012