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Choosing Sin or God

Dear Deepak, There is a sign in my community that displays prayer requests and spiritual guidance. I see it on my drive to work everyday. Most of the time these sayings are grounding, inspirational, etc. The most recent one says "Sin is choosing yourself before God." I find this one confusing and would love for you to comment on it. Thank you!


I’ve never been a big fan of the terminology of “sin” as a way of describing choices that are some religions deem wrong. But in a general sense we could say that sin suggests actions that run counter to our spiritual growth or enlightenment. In that light, sin delays our union with God or our self-realization, and can be seen as a choice, even if it is a largely unconscious choice, to pursue one’s ego agenda ahead of one’s spiritual well-being.


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We are all part of God experiencing himself. If you choose yourself, you are still choosing God.
kustoma - January 2, 2013
While I respect one`s right to choose, the Bible says. \"Thou shalt have NO other gods before Me.\" (emphasis mine) Whatever we value the most is our god and Our Heavenly Father is a jealous God. I believe that His jealousy is a righteous jealousy that exists because He knows that we are headed for trouble when we look to anyone or anything before we look to Him. I`m not a real fan of political correctness in regard to speaking of God and His plan. I think that believers MUST stand up and be counted. If that means others don`t like us, then so be it. There are things that are much more important than being liked. I believe that loving and pleasing God is definitely at the top of that list. I DO want to respect everyone`s right to decide what they believe for themselves, but, as a believer, I feel compelled to state what I understand to be the truth. We can`t have PART of the Bible and not accept the rest. We can`t make God our genie in a bottle who is just around to grant our wishes and to say what we want to hear. As in any relationship, we MUST take the good with the bad. I think that we, as a society, have lost sight of that fact. God isn`t here to serve us. We are here to serve God and that means that we MUST stand up and be counted. We cannot afford to be wishy washy about what God says if we are to be His TRUE followers. I do thank you for all of your encouragement, Deepak. I just tend to disagree with what I interpret to be your point of view on this subject. Unlike SOME people, I WILL, however, still be following as I believe that you have a right to your views and opinions just as I have a right to mine. That`s the beauty of this country. So, my friend, I say thank you for sharing with us. We are all just really trying to find our way in this world and we may not agree with all that everyone says. One thing that we can know for sure is that we are here together and if God meant for us to live as every man for himself and to never need another person, then we`d all have been born in and live in our own bubbles. That is not the case and even research confirms that we fail to thrive without the contact and interaction of and with others. Thank you for your efforts to make this world a better place and I look forward to hearing more from you. \n\nMay God truly bless you, my friend!\nNikki Hodson\nNikki Jordan Life Coaching\nChristian life coach \n\nVisit me at\nI hope to see you there!!
Nikki Jordan Life Coaching - January 2, 2013
Let`s see...sin is disobedience to the Word, Sayings, Commandments of God. \"You shall have no other gods before me.\" Ex.20:3 is a command. To put `you` or whatever else before HIM would serve as a god, and thereby = sin. I have sinned because I have done that. I have put job before Him. We must be willing to call sin what it is, confess it to HIM (sorry, no human priest needed) as He is faithful to forgive us of sin. But God is so MUCH more interested in being God of your life, and having you know that HE sacrificed Himself for sin to remember it no more, so that you may have life, [since the wages of sin is most certainly death and all have sinned but HIM] - that it would`ve been better for the sign to have read: \"Choosing God before all, is Life.\" Choosing to make Him first, leads you down a path of confession & forgiveness. God`s focus is not on your sin, as much as it is to Save you from your sin. He desires your focus be more on HIM, and being Saved through your faith & belief in Him, than on your sin.
Dee - December 30, 2012
There is never before or after- its always simultaneous!
Usman Cheema - December 30, 2012
what is right ad what is wrog is matter of common sense
21 day meditation - December 30, 2012
I wonder what is meant by `yourself`, does that even exist or are we merey the result of what others see in us. Consequently you can`t put sin over yourself, you can do that over the perception of yourself.
peter - December 29, 2012
what if there is no other god than the god within us? :P
rling - December 29, 2012
Totally agree with Deepak, dont agree that we can replace way, we really choose this terrible, desperate distance, so afraid of feeling thta we´re no Godessses. but the image of Goddess
Ana - December 29, 2012