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Intuition and Thoughts

Deepak, How do we decipher between "we are not our thoughts (the voice in the head)" from our intuition when trying to make a decision? This is almost a contradiction of terms. How do we know which is the right feeling, the right road to take?


Intuition is not really a thought or a running dialogue, it is a quiet sense of things. The chatter of thoughts that run through our heads feels very different from intuition. The stream of thoughts is driven by habit and conditioning and is usually tinged with emotions. Intuition is not emotional nor is it derived from old conditioning or fear, it has a simple purity to it that is almost impersonal.

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Out of nowhere it makes sense...
Liveforlovingyou - January 7, 2013
The Brain should be the tool or medium through which we understand and express that which resides in our hearts .
Lpedota - January 6, 2013
My intuition is almost a physical feeling. I left a crowded place on Friday because I picked up an air of aggression although nothing was said or done. Half an hour later, some friends who had remained told me a big fight had broken out, involving a man punching a woman. It`s not necessarily a negative feeling, a `right` feeling can guide you too.
Scarlet - January 6, 2013
I agree that in intuition is not a thought, does that imply that whether if its negative or positive , one cannot condition themselves to alter it?
AfricanKingandQueen - January 4, 2013
intuition is the calm certitude that you get often unbidden. i feel mine in my stomach. a \"thought\" will say take that route and your head argues with it so you drive the other route only to find there`s a road block... and you say to yourself. i knew i should have taken the other route
petalovesbooks - December 30, 2012
The right feeling feels good. Loving words with light intentions always feel good. They propel creation. The more loving ~ the more intelligent. We are being guided right now through divine intentions from high realms. Their wisdom is diamonds to our soul.
Beautiful Cloud Woman - December 30, 2012
@Kenny Wiggins - There is much of what Deepak teaches that is found in the scriptures. Just as science knows more today than it did 2000 yrs ago, shouldn\'t we also advance our spiritual understanding? This is how I consider Deepak\'s wisdom... as an advanced form of spiritual wisdom shared. This additional wisdom doesn\'t take away from Jesus or the truth found in scripture. Truth is singular - but the journey to it is very different for us all. Please know - God doesn\'t fall off His throne because people seek truth. He is the truth, right? So, may I encourage you not to move from love to judgement, disparaging others created by Him. Peacefully consider wisdom WITH your truth... you\'ll find your truth can and will continue to grow just as science has.... peace to you friend.
Heather Marriott - December 29, 2012
Dear Kenny Wiggins. You have your own beliefs and that is fine. But everyone else has their own personal beliefs. They may not be the same as yours, but we all have the freedom to choose our own beliefs without other people telling us we are wrong.\n\nNAMASTE- The spirit in me honors the spirit in you.\ng.
jessi - December 29, 2012