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Aging Brain
For a small, fortunate few, at age ninety, memory can improve rather than decline. Aging is like a ragged army, in which cells advance ahead of others, but the whole army moves at a snail's pace and with great stealth. 

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There are plenty of excercises to improve this, as we become older we should do them :/ we should improve this somehow
Tania Moreno - April 21, 2013
Karl Humphrey - April 21, 2013
my Grandmother\'s cognitive abilities were fully intact before her stroke. she may have had some minimal short term memory that interfered with her taking her medication which ultimately lead to her untimely death at 91 years young. adults at this age need their family to make sure that they are getting what they need. I will always feel anger for those who neglected her and stood in our way of helping each other.her sister is 96 and these two were always considered the meanest of the 13-14 siblings ! hahaha. they were the best of the best and the meanest one is still standing! hahaha,Long Live Aunt Bethel. I know when I go to visit her, there will be Comet sprinkled in the bathroom sink,and we will sit at the kitchen table having something to drink. Their youngest sister Ollie survived Hurricane Katrina and had one of the few homes that remained intact in Bay St.Louis-proabbaly because she was in the eye of the storm conducting the entire hurricane with her will to live !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL hahahaha.....GoddessByTheWaterfall/MoonCloud/Stands With Fists/Cherokee Nation
David Jones - April 21, 2013
My Big Sister turns 90 in July, and her memory is her--
Jane Davis - April 21, 2013
Inner Peace Deepak...
Vyktor Menendez - April 21, 2013
Thanks for this excellent quotation dear Master!
Claudia Laudanno - April 21, 2013
The quality of our thinking determines the quality of our lives. Why not be the best we can be? Thank You Sir for the positive energy You share with the world! Super Brain Rocks! And so do You. <3
Dreamscape: The Art of Positive Living - April 21, 2013
Chris and Eric, reference your bible thumping, STFU.
Tom Shepherd - April 21, 2013