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Evolution and Entropy
Each of us caught in between two forces that contend for our personal future, the force of evolution, which extends life longer and longer, and the force of entropy, which causes physical thins to decay over time. 

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Sad but true!
Elenin Rodriguez - April 21, 2013
yes, it\'s true, life is a slow death, if you are lucky enough to live so long
David Jones - April 21, 2013
That\'s depressing!
Nina Vice - April 21, 2013
What about the force of spirit that tends toward organization, as opposed to entropy?
Expansion Strategies For Business & Practice Owners by Effective Management - April 20, 2013
nuk di te lexoj ne gjuhen e juaj, por ju respektoj.
Florije Kabashi - April 19, 2013
Im reading the book and is perfectly explained if You pay atention thank deepak and Dr. Tanzi for this wonderfull book
Caro Gonzalez - April 19, 2013
When one grows older (at least in my humble experience) one starts to more and more understand the relativity of one`s experiences and how they all lead one to a more simplistic vision of life because, when with ageing responsibility in life grows smaller, one becomes less responsible for ones surroundings and more responsible for what happens right here right now. I still do believe that we experience all those different stages in our life step by step. So the above quote has simply not been totally understood yet by those who study it. Alzheimer`s disease is still a riddle. Becoming simpler does not necessarily lead to Alzheimer. Am belonging to the first generation who will grow older and has to find it all out by herself growing along with medical science. I only hope that we are given a decent way to die and that doctors will not keep us alife at all cost.........
YourSoul - April 19, 2013
I think what Deepak is saying is that he believes that separation and extreme differences are what life is contending for. Pretty topical and superficial approach. \nLife and death, or evolution and entropy are not separate functions of life. They\'re inseparable, so why the need to focus on separation rather than togetherness? \nGet it back together man!
Herc's Waterloo - April 19, 2013