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Intention and Dharma

I'm writing you from France. My question is about convergence between our intentions and our dharma. In other words : is it possible that despite our deepest desires and most beautiful intentions the Universe has other plans for us ? How mysterious and unfathomable can be our dharma ? Can we control and influence our life's purpose and consciously create the situations we want to manifest ? Or do we depend on something utterly beyond us, not to be foreseen and that may be the opposite of what we really and profoundly intend ?


If your intentions aren’t being manifesting, it’s not necessarily that the universe has other plans for you. Your higher self and the universe are one. Dharma is not an external force of the universe, it is our own evolutionary force acting in concert with all the laws of nature. So if our intentions are not aligned with our dharma, it means that our ego personality is clouding our deepest intent. Because our deepest desire will always reflect our dharma which is the development of our full potential through self-realization.


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Which comes first - thought or feeling? \n\nDo my thoughts create my feelings? Or, do my feelings create my thoughts?
Deborah - December 25, 2012
so so true Deepak - thank you. that nasty ego will continually fight for sole control of every being UNTIL we align with Consciousness of Universe -- let go entirely -- trust that guidance will come. as you shared, Dharma and the Universe are one in the same. sadly, many fight this Truth and become disallusioned.\n\nThe poster`s last sentence actually answers the question -- kinda \"Or do we depend on something utterly beyond us, not to be foreseen (the answer, but...) and that may be the opposite of what we really and profoundly intend ? With Truth and Universal Alignment, what we really and profoundly intend will not be `opposite` yet more than one can imagine. \n\ngreat question -- great answer deepak.
truthwarrior2012 - December 21, 2012
If I may, I`m submitting an excerpt from my poem \n\n\nPrayer is the asking\nBy that essence of the Unknown\nInherent in each man\n\nWhen we pray, it is praying by that essence unknown\nIn condensed form to the Essence Unknown\nA pure essence praying the Universal Pure\nA self-fulfilling proposition\n\nRegards,\nDiganta Barman
rupahorizon - December 19, 2012
Mindfulness always produces clear intent; mental formations arise to give us an opportunity to resolve or transform them to their higher purpose for which they arise.
pathros - December 18, 2012
This is something the ancient Egyptians called the ka and the ba your body and your spirit, our thoughts control our destiny what we think we create.
Amunra - December 17, 2012
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Madichaba - December 17, 2012
If you own a dog. And you feed that dog and give him water, yet everytime he comes to you , you kick him. That dog will eventually bite you or run away. You should not blame that dog, or say hes a bad dog for running away. But look at yourself honestly and take responsibility for your actions.
Jay B. Lawrence - December 16, 2012
la respuesta es : Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Sara Chinchay Barragán - December 16, 2012