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Observing Weaknesses
Start to observe your weaknesses when they come up. 

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banking well baking yay
Derek Elj - April 20, 2013
the robotic baking system when starring at series of black holes that shreds the system when it shoots out asteriods a e o
Derek Elj - April 20, 2013
I become fearful of clients that are unhappy with something (usually something beyond my control).
Melissa Jensen - April 18, 2013
In the american mental health system since returning from a UN Summer in Asia 1969 _ I have struggled against the over - emphasis on pharmaceutically - contrived poisonous mineral and biological substances whose main effects seem to be to fill the financial coffers of big drug corporations _ proposing instead more psycho - analysis and talk therapies with positive social inter - actions in order to allow the neuro - plasticity to heal the organic brain of itself _ hopefully with the assistance of an enlightened and happy Mind ! francis a. novello UD
Frank Novello - April 17, 2013
What about observing your strenghts???
Michael Gräfe - April 17, 2013
Observation is key.
Jose Angel Rivera - April 17, 2013
i fall in love too much
Benilda Talag Tan - April 17, 2013
I care what other people think of me too often and dont allow myself to just be me.
Jennifer Mieras - April 17, 2013