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Emotional Weak Points
Look at your emotional weak points! Do you fall in love to easily, loose your temper too fast, become afraid of trivial risks? 

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Well I did read my star sign & I am Pisces, they said that if you're Pisces be warned that your emotions are on a weak spot. I did fall inlove easily but i didn't realized it until couple of month ago but at the same time I was so confused.
Amiyah - March 25, 2015
Is your book translated to spanish?
Nancy Ximena - May 15, 2013
Jose Angel Rivera - May 13, 2013
i\'m afraid of hugging for fear of energy transference... and i can\'t tell you what that does to the body
Leslie Grace Swiednicki - May 13, 2013
Thanks for the book, docs! I\'m using it in my work and for my dissertation. Uncontrolled or unobserved emotions run rampant and damage us from the cell level and beyond through stress. I am devoted to a path of mindfulness now and as I finally see the scenery around me my reward for the choice is immediate. Yay!
Ora B. Nance-Woodley - May 13, 2013
Steve if younger the spiritual knowledge you will gunsmithing you heart to let it go, move forward and find your lesson
Tina Aris - May 13, 2013
none of the above, me strong like bull. emotional intelligence is all about seeing every things objectively; lessons to be learned from, not things to be reacted on.
Harmony Health & Wellness - May 13, 2013
No to the first question. Yes to the second. No to the last I am in the process....of the creating wellness of my Emotional Brain. <3 In love and the Universe.
Janie Ann Brydges - May 13, 2013