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Negative Feelings
Don't hold onto negative feelings by justifying why you are right and someone else is wrong. 

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Yes brain gym....
Kim Hayden - April 17, 2013
Yes u r a super brain
Hemant Kapoor - April 16, 2013
Mr Zaldivar : I read better than the author and I do not need to resort to childish name calling
James Bono - April 16, 2013
Justifiable righteousness, a waste of energy. Just let it go. How important is it, really?
Paula Bourque - April 16, 2013
I find a good glass of wine _ cures what hostility grips the soul. francis a. novello ! namaste ....
Frank Novello - April 16, 2013
Jose Angel Rivera - April 16, 2013
Word! love this man\'s wisdom
Sheri Walsh - April 16, 2013
Bono, you are a bobo...have you read the book? Can you read?
Fulgencio Batista Zaldivar - April 16, 2013