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Acting on Impulse
Don't always act on impulse. Higher parts of the brain must be consulted too. 

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Go deep ...
Guy Charland - April 16, 2013
Sir, I am reading superbrain i think I am reading a text full knowledge like any university contextual book. Many many thanks sir.It is really a balm.
Deepak Singh - April 16, 2013
Knowing, and acting upon what one feels one knows, is a maturing process. At each, call it higher, stage the previous stages are not replaced but come into service of the next stage. For example, learning to read does not replace the more simplistic and mechanical learning of the ABC’s, in fact the ABC’s become more useful and meaningful. The same holds true for mind-based impulse/reason/intellect which becomes more useful and purified when in service to the heart-based stages of knowing such as intuition, insight, illumination, and realization. Really learning who and what ONE IS is a thoroughly integrated and transformative process. It is a fulfillment and a treasure of untold worth.
Ron Greenstein - April 16, 2013
Reading Super Brain - illuminating.
Judith Antrobus - April 15, 2013
Well said;) emotional are powerful but logic is right
Julz Je - April 15, 2013
Deepak .. you\'ve mentioned \'complementary\' in your previous Posts _ so shouldn\'t it be that sometimes one must respond \'impulsively\' and at other moments _ a slow, deliberate and thoughtful response is required. The God that either is or Who controls the Universe will know when and where the appropriate response is called for. francis a. novello + kissy the cockatiel ( only a bird ) UD 2007
Frank Novello - April 15, 2013
I see many knee-jerk reactions fall under impulsive actions ~ and can lead one to heart-aches and head-aches ~
Coralina - April 15, 2013
AH yes the latest book, people you can take control of yourselves without a book ! Look in the mirror and stop being weak
James Bono - April 15, 2013