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Fear and Desire
Be aware of fear and desire. Awareness helps balance them.

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My biggest desires are to move away from a very hazardous as well as codependent home and pursue a recent dream of attending medical school so as to one day have a private practice
Anton Ki - July 2, 2013
To not suffer from depression and to save money for retirement.
Barbara Plunkett - July 2, 2013
I am really liking this book, very informative and extremely interesting, Thank you both for collaborating.
Patricia Le Dieux - July 2, 2013
1) To help others.\n2) To make better choices.\n3) To prevent unreality from playing the role of spoiler and becoming an endless source of stress.\n4) To find inner peace, joy, happiness, and love in reality.
Chris Belton - July 1, 2013
Work with passion and life partners.
Paula Frate - July 1, 2013
To be aware at all times, not just most of the time.
Laydie Kriss - July 1, 2013
Getting my P.h.D. !!!
Henrietta Coronado-Lagos - July 1, 2013
so true!
Ingrid Pfeiffer - July 1, 2013