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Your Instinctive Brain
See that instincts are a necessary part of your life!

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Yes sure I trust it , I let my instinct lead my way ,and its always right !
Joy Rays - June 11, 2013
Instincts are gut feel sensation a sort of internal life compass. however sometimes can get clouded with emotion or stress leading to undesirable results.
Hubert Misquith - June 11, 2013
Nicole Dyson - June 11, 2013
I thought the thing that distinguish humans from other animals is the ability to be above instincts. As not all instincts are pleasant or necessary to follow through ie being above acting on impulse and responding rather than reacting.
Nancy Singharuksa Hambly - June 11, 2013
Archana Sharma - June 10, 2013
:) thanCzza!!!!üüü
Mars GvØxx SanChez - June 10, 2013
Jose Angel Rivera - June 10, 2013
I don\'t understand english - me encantaria poder acceder en español
Annette Recondo - June 10, 2013