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How To Be Adaptable - Rule5
See righteous anger for what it really is. Destructive anger dressed up to sound positive. 

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Sounds like you like it when women and children are hurt, or do you wanna change your mind about righteous anger?
HereIStandAndFaceTheRain - May 7, 2013
Righteous anger, bad. NO. If we had not righteous anger, people like rapists, pedophiles, human traffickers, and murderers would be respected members of the community. Do any of you like these people, do any of you want to be their friend? NO. Do you like people like Joseph Kony, or Hitler? NO. Why? Because of Righteous Anger.
HereIStandAndFaceTheRain - May 7, 2013
Righteous anger is not righteous. It usually means that someone is too proud.
Agapito Salazar - March 26, 2013
mle thanks
Patricio S Lombardo - March 26, 2013
Good Day:\n\nI\'m a little depressed thinking about life after death, I\'m clear that reincarnation exists, I want to be with my children forever, can not imagine my life without them, think about it and I can not live knowing that we probably will not see them again ever.\nSome people tell me I should not think about death, but life is too short and I think what continues after death. What will happen? I know no one knows for sure what will happen, but someone help me with this big question. Regards and hopefully Dr. Chopra also could answer me. He is a great man, but I also know he\'s a busy man. A hug to everyone.
Leon Argentina - March 26, 2013
that\'s correct anger is brain physical detox, if not verbal, if you can\'t speak your mind, how can you find peace, and know its going to be done right next time. we are surrounded by a lot stupidity and laziness, anger is ol right, just do it right.
Rossa Frances Axyl - March 25, 2013
anger is a bad habit.
Chong Wei Min - March 25, 2013
Yes if I know its not my fault I get upset n ot bogs me down. I try my level best not to react but when situations cannot be controlled I become quiet. It effect me more in every way. How to tackle this ??? Any help.
Rita Verma - March 25, 2013