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How To Be Adaptable - Rule4
When old stresses are triggered, walk away.

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Mariana Casillas Zuluaga - March 25, 2013
Two words that always seems to be missing in recovery TALK is \"self -regulation\" Teaching this to yourself and owning it is what \"walking the walk\" is all about. 30 years in recovery.
Doug Bartake - March 25, 2013
Sounds relieving enough!
Scott Mitchell - March 25, 2013
A source of stress may trigger a bad response pattern. Walking away will allow time to properly handle any situation, as opposed to allowing old possibly, harmful behaviors to control you in the moment. Walk away, breathe, reconnect and think, then act.
Sheila Lafleur - March 25, 2013
thx for reminder
SandraAlyse CarlleenGroves Williams - March 25, 2013
easier said than done
Elizabeth C Natera - March 24, 2013
But what if you can\'t walk away?
Rebecca K Clougher - March 24, 2013
Hastly considered advises rarely become slogans rather than platitudes. It\'s always easier to walk away than look it in the eye, whatever \"it\" is, so that hardly is the most creative way to get away with stress.. Besides, in a moment of stress, you\'re not always in a position to walk away. Sometimes you\'re back against the wall, and then what you do? Most walk-aways lead to dead ends, which lead right back to the problem.
Jyrki Mattila Heyer - March 24, 2013