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How To Be Adaptable - Rule1
Stop repeating what never worked in the first place. Stand back and ask for a new solution. 

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Byanca Figueroa - March 24, 2013
What is the solution for a broomstick. I won\'t take the blame for your mistakes.
Tara Helmadollar - March 23, 2013
hard at first and then it gets easier as time goes on
Carla Hernandez - March 23, 2013
sounds like ALBERT EINSTEIN who said we can never solve our significant problems from the same level of thinking we were at when we created the problem
Daralyn Samuels - March 23, 2013
I\'m adaptable as well as versatile!!!
Paula Dion - March 22, 2013
Haaaa me mi maestro!!!!! Sorry
Lourdes Witzeman - March 22, 2013
I\'m adaptable...deciding to change is the easy part, but the process of change is not.... his book are sensational... congratulations!!!\n
Isabela Monteiro - March 22, 2013
And wait and wait and wait and wait and wait ...
Deborah Riley - March 22, 2013