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Seeing a Clear Path
We just urge you to quit being part of the majority who live in confusion and conflict. Join the minority that sees a clear path out of present darkness, that never submits to fear and despair, and that despair its part to lead everyone out of crisis into a future full of light.

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Denise Cassella - May 26, 2013
Super brain, will look for it
Fatima Hocini - May 25, 2013
i inject the positives in their mindset and never discourage nor judge them.
Letshego CasSy Vincent - May 24, 2013
Thanks Deepak.
Greg Thomas - May 24, 2013
I give out holistic healing to all who need it - people who speak to me wherever I am. I get the greatest happiness from doing this, especially when those same people come back later on and jubilantly tell me their health has improved with my advice!!! And I don\'t charge any money for this. I\'m a Holistic Health Counselor. I also speak enthusiastically to others about the fantastic health benefits of eating live organic raw vegan NON-GMO food! Dr. Chopra: I would like to say you are a beautiful, inspirational driving force for the powerful positive changes in my life in both great health and spirituality! Thank you and God bless you!!!
Sharon Miller Sherr - May 24, 2013
Creating beauty & health through gardening and teaching others how peaceful and fulfilling it is to create beauty and healthy food for yourself and others...gardening feeds the world and feeds your soul!
Paula Davis - May 24, 2013
sounds like me.the minority.always different
Anthony Ibegbuna - May 24, 2013
I look to make others happy...I elevate others... I don\'t allow others to be discouraging to themselves when i\'m around
Leslie Grace Swiednicki - May 24, 2013