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Evolving as a Choice
Preserving everyone's life, not simply the alpha types who can get the most food and mating rights, lifted us above Darwinian without having children. We share food; we can marry without having children. In short, we are evolving as a choice, not as nature's necessity. The brain is moving in a more holistic direction. 

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There is no basis for the statement from Dr Chopra. it makes no sense.
Tagore Netala - May 21, 2013
Maybe Humanity is not so much evolving as we are maturing, sorting through all our values to realize what is truly important and lasting versus what is meaningless and delusional. Perhaps we are choosing to INVOLVE one another, eschewing exclusivity, separateness and hierarchical attitudes for inclusivity and dutifulness with brotherly and sisterly feelings of love. Join the Involution! :o)
Ron Greenstein - May 21, 2013
Jose Angel Rivera - May 20, 2013
~ <3 ~
Karl Humphrey - May 20, 2013
Targeting \"The Selfish Gene\" ?
Michelle Gericke - May 20, 2013
Just wait till food is scarce again. We\'ll see if this evolution or just situational.
Rebecca McKee Long - May 20, 2013
I am reading a book called the Dalai Lhama called the Universe in a Single atom- our purpose is much more than biological reproduction- I like the idea of wholeness as opposed to rather mythical ideas of perfection-that appeals to my notion of reality rather than brittle unrealistic notions that break people- I think learning to be forgiving of oneself and others is all important in that process- super brain super idea
Dido Walker - May 20, 2013
YES Coice is best-
Jane Davis - May 20, 2013