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A Mindful Memory Program
The 8 steps of the Mindful Memory Program is excerpted from my book Super Brain.
  • Be passionate about your life and the experiences you fill it with.
  • Enthusiastically learn new things
  • Pay attention to the things you need to remember later. Most memory lapses are actually learning lapses.
  • Actively retrieve older memories; rely less on memory crutches like lists
  • Don't blame or fear occasional lapses
  • Expect to keep your memory intact. Resist lower expectations from people who rationalize memory loss as "normal"
  • If memory does not come immediately, don't brush it odd as lost. Be patient and take the extra seconds for the brain's retrieval system to work.
  • Be wide-ranging in your mental activities, actively exercise all aspect of memory, not  just the ones that come most easily.

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Most Memory Lapses are actually Learning Lapses...Actively retrieve older memories...Take the Extra seconds for the Brain`s retrieval system to work.. I think, these are particularly necessary as we grow older and older. While there is no need to worry about occasional memory lapses ..and fear of losing memory is not needed at all.. yet, making the memory work for us needs these efforts.
v.vijayamohan - December 19, 2012
7 th one is very true i have experienced it myself
advait - December 8, 2012
I think, we are conditioned to think that God is male. To sassy it to be a male, it is being associated with a form of male. That is our corruption.\n\nSecondly, both feminine and masculine aspects are part of our personality. Because we wear a feminine costume, we behave in feminine way. In the same, we also behave in masculine way, in masculine costume. We also have other cases.\nSome beings in masculine costume behaving in a feminine way, and other beings in feminine costume behaving in a masculine way.\n\nWe screwed our true identity which is beyond the costumes that we wear.
venkat - November 30, 2012
Great book. I am listening to it on my IPod - great for long car rides like yesterday. Very interesting information!!
Mary Batakis - November 22, 2012
Everything men have invented in Western society under the so-called disciplines of science, philosophy and even religion has been derived from the feminine power, which in the beginning was All, a sacred union between feminine and masculine. This was mysticism in its most simple expression. Mysticism did comprise it all: Free art, astrology, the work of the Seasons, the tools of Alchemy, animals, plants and flowers, virtues and sins etc. etc. Everything was accepted and was a part of the whole. Slowly but surely we are growing back into this wholeness again..
YourSoul - November 21, 2012
@Ester Essinger. I understand what you mean. In order for Deepak to co-author with a scientist, he has to be open to the scientific dualistic mind and to the fact that men only are able to talk from their own male experience. We women are a different species. We are already whole. We already have the gift of a whole brain. Guess Deepak should also write a book together with a female scientist :)
YourSoul - November 21, 2012
It\'s: God is!
Sam Amani - November 21, 2012
Esther. God isn\'t male or female. It\'s formless & genderless. That\'s just your feminist interpretation.
Sam Amani - November 21, 2012