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A Walk To The Edge
Life is a walk to the edge of a cliff. Every day we get a step nearer and what lies over the brink, no one can tell.” 

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I walked to the edge of the cliff and discovered my wings!
marilymc - December 4, 2012
As a Veteran and soldier, I have found myself hurt on the inside with religion. I wanted some inner peace for a long time. Then I saw this man on a show called Attack Of The Show. His son made a movie and he was there with him to discuss it. I listened to this man and loved how kind and wise he had been. I then looked up this website and have been blowen away. Finally a person who helps makes things seem a little more clear! All I want to say is thanks Deepak Chopra. Honestly thank you so much.
TryingAnewLife - November 2, 2012
Sir,\n\nThank you very much for giving New Way Vision to Life...\nIam very intrested in Your Hindi Books..but In pune only english books are available....including 2 marathi books...\nplease make available hindi aso...\nThank you..
Harish - November 1, 2012
I try to adhere to the adage that says \"Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow isn`t here yet, Live in the PRESENT! I am so looking forward to taking the journey with Mr.Chopra
Theodora - October 29, 2012
I am truly grateful for knowing this and my practice has been to be okay with the unknown of what lies ahead. I left corporate mainstream nearly 20 years ago, in search of my inner truth. I reached outside myself for many years wanting to be seen or heard and the beauty of my journey has been the realization of acknowledging God within. I thank you Deepak for your insights as your teachings have been a part of my life for many years.
kelly - October 29, 2012
I am confused with the jumping bit. I was at Cliff Edge & didn`t realise I was ! & jumped & am lucky or unlucky I feel some days! So what is happening with mt thinking that I cannot get back to the happy person I was?
Lara - October 29, 2012
Well rather than saying , its walking towards the edge of the cliff, i feel its like walking in the woods where each small turns opens up new vistas for us to explore; good or bad is about just as much as our small conscious mind can fathom.... life is beautiful... we only need to learn to walk beautifully!\nHi would like to recieve your newsletter
gulneet chahal - October 29, 2012
There are as many paths as there are individualized souls to traverse them. The inward turning point is described well in this piece:\n The first step to making progress to Your door is to give up any hope that others will think highly of us. To be oblivious to the scorn of others is to liberate your heart of heavy shackles. To no longer worry whether your body survives is to free it completely,\n Do you want to know how to fly? Every moment of your life, jump off the cliff of self regard. \n--Steve Klein, from Fire and Smoke
Ron Greenstein - October 27, 2012