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What Makes Us Human
What makes us human is that we think about the gods and they think about us.

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y si nosotros fueramos los unicos dioses del cielo?
Beatriz Rojo - May 15, 2013
Vast Jack - May 14, 2013
Kim Thompson Stepka - May 13, 2013
the jehovah\'s sure do! i can usually hold my own with them...but i don\'t know how to respond to what they\'re preaching about people who use crystals... i have some... and if there is a fix for this i let it be with god
Leslie Grace Swiednicki - May 13, 2013
Ahhhh love this and you!!!
Rebecca Barkey - May 13, 2013
I definitely don\'t!!! Man created god... I believe in Me, Myself & I. Man (male) created god, to oppress women and other cultures!!!
Vyktor Menendez - May 13, 2013
what is proof god is thinking of us ? starving children, sickness , violence etc etc .. god theory exists because humans have crested it
Jyoti M Pai-Prabhu - May 13, 2013
There is only one Entity and It is everything there is from here to infinity. Everything in existence, seen or unseen, is an expression of It through It\'s names and attributes. We human beings are a free willed, conscious expression of It, experiencing Itself through us. There is only It, only one God, only one Reality. We are all one.
Walid Shalabi - May 13, 2013