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Condemned Men
Most men are condemned, but it's a strange prison that holds them, because each inmate has been handed the key to his cell. We get the key when we're born, and we could escape anytime we chose.

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Now Mr. Chopra , you know I love you greatly, however I beg to differ with you on this. Pardon me for the use of bad language, but you are full of crap with this one. No one is condemned. We create our own bag of tricks, lifetime after lifetime. The problem is most people simply forget. We are each our own universe. We are each our own Gods/Goddesses. Problem is remembering.
Melissa Wilk - November 25, 2012
Men as in humanity? Men as in males?
Jen Marik Betham-Lang - November 24, 2012
So true!
Teodora Mot - November 24, 2012
Expansion Strategies For Business & Practice Owners by Effective Management - November 24, 2012
Thanks Dr Chopra
Gordon Blaire - November 24, 2012
To a troubled person, this may seem to refer to suicide, but that is not the intended message. (imho) The prison is our set of behavior patterns that have been installed as a result of our many distresses. The key to our release is the ability we were born with: to let go of our painful emotions with tears and laughter. Unfortunately, we have been trained not to laugh and cry (as a means to discharge the hurts that impose the patterns). To reclaim the healing process is to reclaim our inherently kind, creative, intelligent and caring humanness.
Road-Peace - November 23, 2012
I am more optimistic than that.
Manoj Joshi - November 23, 2012
hope is good
Rayson Tan - November 23, 2012