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Side Effects of Meditation

Are there side effects to meditation? I practice Christian meditation and each time I meditate I get headaches, I feel spaced out and intense. My emotions are usually raging that I have a hard time concentrating and functioning. I'm ungrounded and anxious as well. Is this normal?


Any negative side effects of meditation can only come from doing meditation incorrectly. That means mentally straining or resisting against thoughts trying to stay concentrated. That effort keeps the mind from spontaneously moving toward self-awareness – the goal of meditation. If you are unsettled and emotionally upset before starting meditation, then the best thing to do is practice a few minutes of easy breathing exercises, or pranayama, to calm the mind and then begin meditation. Remember as you do your meditation, never force or push against thoughts or feelings, once you remember you are off your meditation, just easily and effortlessly bring your mind back to the practice.


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sir it's my starting in the meditation.and uptil I tried for many times but am able to focus myself only twice and each time a feel myself revolving. at first time I felt as if am sitting on a circular stone and. there is vacuum around me and that nothing but vacuum is revolving around me and after a few moments I realised that it is me that is revolving. and at 2nd time I felt that. am like a tiny object and am moving like this as we rotate a stone tied to a thread. is it fine sir. I mean . I am going right or there is something wrong.
Anupama. - July 9, 2015
The anxiety resulting from thoughts , emotions during meditation indicates that you still got unreleased energies in subconscious. A better field to express those inner tendencies is the outward field of action. For ex - i go for a mile run , sometimes go for a bike ride, sometimes study books, or some times go and talk to inspiring people or sometime service society. Sometimes listening music also helps. Choose your own platform of activities to express the energies in order to have your equipment of mind ready to dive deep into meditation.
Jas - June 3, 2014
I like your answer too. It is surely doing it incorrectly. What kind of Christian meditation is this? All my Christians friends is against me doing Qigong and Meditation. However, I do sitting meditation (which is hard for me to focus, as I will have aches and pain for sitting too long at one position.) I do it with people who knows and guide me. It is very relaxing to the mind, I just can`t do it for long, for my body can`t take it. So I try with Qigong which is Meditation in movement. Slowly you will develope a habit of not holding on to your thoughts that keep coming. One of my master said: The mind is like a monkey swinging from tree to tree. Learn to let go - let it raise and fade off - good or bad - don`t hold. Christian friends stop me from doing Qigong - less the evil enter my body. I been doing these for over 20 years. I benefited. I am currently, doing Rejuvenate Yourself Exercise - Qigong healing every morning at 5.30am. I blog about it for the benefit of my fellow none Chinese spreaking classmates. You can google search it to learn about it. Presently, Master is from Taiwan. It has spread to Singapore (my country), Malaysia. it is FOC
sylvia - April 8, 2013
This offers a different perspective on side effects from meditation.\n\n
Harold Jung - February 26, 2013
Me encanta sus consejos...gracias Dr. Chopra...bendiciones!!!!
Cecy Cherco - August 26, 2012
I think meditation can b done anywhere but you should be ready for it. Your mind body n soul should be deeply connected to each other and spiritual powers. The imp thing in meditation n yoga is time posture balance n technique.You can slowly increase the time span accordingly as you feel comfortable.
swapnil - August 25, 2012
Learn to meditate under an initialized teacher. If this not in your case you need to stop doing it. However if you have learnt under an initialized teacher, do some rigorous exercises (Shake hands rigorously) to release some stress/active energy in the body, then do breathing exercises (pranayams) before your meditation. Meditation is about doing nothing, to effortlessly streamline the energy within and around you. Love you!
Jyo Aadarsh - August 23, 2012
What is \"Christian meditation\" to begin with? If meditation has any adjective, or modifier, attached to it, it may mean that it is pre-conceived. In other words, the lower mind is trying to stay in control. Let go, drop that thought, and - if that is what is in your heart - Christ will come to your meditation by His will, not from your will.
veganaut - August 22, 2012