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Meditation Before Bed

Dear Dr. Chopra, I have been meditating for a little more than 5 years now. Sometimes, when I go to bed after meditation, from somewhere within the body, there is a pulsating, vibrating feeling. It usually happens when I'm just about to fall asleep. I feel like I'm getting sucked into a whirlpool and have no way of stopping myself. I am thrilled and scared at the same time, but mostly scared. I probably should relax, but cannot, and almost automatically start praying that it stops. It lasts for maybe 20 secs, and then passes away. I would be grateful if you let me know what this could mean, and if there is anything I should or should not be doing. Thanks in advance.

This is likely due to the fluidity of your awareness carrying over from meditation into sleep. The transitions from waking state to sleeping state of consciousness will generally follow a normal step-by-step pattern. But if you are just coming out of meditation where you have been quickly moving from one level of subtle awareness to the next over and over, it can occasionally interrupt the normal stages of falling asleep. This is one of the reasons why most meditation teachings specify that you should meditate in the morning and afternoon followed by lengthy periods of daily activity. That activity will integrate your meditation experiences and reset your normal rhythms and patterns of waking consciousness as well.


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Dude. Your astral projecting. It`s nothing bad! In fact it is very great. That is where I want to go! Do some research on astral projecting and you will know exactly what talking about. Everything you just explained leads to projecting.
Peace - July 16, 2014
Nice tips Deepak. My Hatha yoga book recommends focusing on the feet before going to bed because it is far from the mind and you can get to sleep more easily. Also Sadhguru Jaggi recommends not sleeping with your head to the north if you live in the north hemisphere and not to south if you live in the southern hemisphere.
Siggi - January 12, 2014
Dear Dr Deepak, My wife who is 41 years old has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder 2 .she is on abilify 5 mg . Recently she recently is not able to sleep and can`t concentrate on things. She is worried, feels tired, pain in legs. What us best that could bring her to normal
nirmal - September 20, 2013
me parese marabillosos todos sus libros gracias``
helenarodriguez - January 28, 2013
I experience this same feeling right before i go to bed, and i think that this vibration is indeed your spirit connecting and communicating openly with the Universe and reaching and communicating with God (the Divine). I put myself in this vortex every night and i reach to many beautiful places. And the day after when i awake i feel a sense of completeness and happiness flowing through me, for what ever i asked for in the moment of the flow of the vibration i was receiving great bliss, joy and love.
Daniella W - November 14, 2012
I need help. I`m falling apart when I want to \"fall\" together. I must want chaos in my life, I must want to \"kill\" myself with food, I must like, on some level, being a fuck up, and being fucked up. I`m in the same place I always go when the money runs out either because my ex-gambling husband has blown it all and or I try and get back at him when there is money. I`m just wondering to myself if I`m just setting my self up to kill myself so all the things that were said and done to me by the parents who \"loved\" me will prove them right. I fall into this deep emotional whole, the same one that is so empty in my body all the time (the shot gun blast I call it)- they are right I should have never been born-I`ve been in a prison of their then my making all my life and in a horrible way it is a comfort too- because I don`t know how to be without it-but I don`t like it it is painful-somwhy do I go there when I`m in pain-why do I want to hurt more?
Chloe Marlow - May 25, 2012
Hello, \n\nThis is a great article and I definitely appreciate it. It helped calm me down.
Vincent - May 25, 2012
What a great question! I was asking myself this a few weeks back, as the more I get into meditation, the more I fear that I will lose my personal identity, but then that is pure ego, and isn`t that the goal of meditation? I love it! So interesting! Kinda scary sometimes, too, though. Probably because I have not experienced the actual Source in so long that I forgot how it feels like to be completely at peace. Definitely my spiritual experience is my beacon, I hold on to it with everything I can!\n\nAll of your responses are so interesting, thanks for sharing!
Whatasay - May 25, 2012