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Soul and Spirit

How would you explain the difference between your soul and your spirit?

Often the two words are used interchangeably, but when they are differentiated, the usual distinction is that the soul is a more personalized aspect of our individuality that carries our history and tendencies through time, whereas the spirit is our pure essence that expresses our universality. Our spirit is our divine spark, without any qualification or limitation to it.


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The soul is made of so msny aspects of our self which we source through our personal sensing but never feelings; as sensing is using the personal self source to connect to the source of all which is.\ns\nSpirit on the other hand is in every thing essence elements and is a connector of consciousness and is vital in the life and world matrix so that we understand What or Which energy we are actually using. \nTHEN YOU ARE ABLE TO SENSE IF YOU ARE USING YOUR SOUL EFFICIENTLY OR NOT?
conscious activations - April 29, 2012
The ego wants worldly things, the spirit wants the things of God and the soul is where the struggle between ego and spirit takes place.
Karenkh101 - April 25, 2012
Body soul spirit. I like to compare these to a lightbulb. The physical elemnent of the bulb is the body, the electrcity that comes to the bulb when the switch is turned on is the spirit and the illumination (the light) is the soul. \n\nKind of like in Genesis 2.7 where it speaks of God making man out of the ground (the physical part of the bulb) and then God breathes into this dirt (the breathing is the spirit and `electric` part) and man becomes a living soul (the light shines!).\n\nJust my 2 cents.\n\ncp
claypot - April 23, 2012
Thank you, spirit0828, for your man-made response..
Nada - April 22, 2012
I asked a Scrub Jay that I know if there is a difference between spirit and soul. He replied, “Spirit and soul are one, just two different words.”
meowrrs - April 22, 2012
I am a soul with a spirit to take me on my way!
Mary Ferris - April 22, 2012
my soul is me naked, my spirit is wearing a party dress : )
Patricia Topornycky - April 22, 2012
My spirit is a source of profound hope that lifts me up when I can`t see the light. My soul is the part of me that feels everything, sees into the past, the future and beyond illusions, and knows that it is eternal. My soul is like an old elephant whereas my spirit is like a hummingbird.
Heather Connor - April 22, 2012