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Crying in Meditation

Question: Hello Mr. Deepak Chopra When I meditate my eyes tear up and I start crying. What does this signify as this happens to me all the time and has been going on for over 6 months.

The crying indicates that there is a deep layer of grief and sorrow that the meditation is working on releasing. Six months is a long time for this to go on, but that only indicates that it is a profound emotional trauma that requires time to heal. It will go away eventually, continue to be patient.


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Sir, I get tears in my eyes and vision gets blurred for much time after meditation. I wanted to know, why is this happening with me. But I dont cry bit I get only tears in my eyes.
. Kindly respond.
Dr Praveen - April 29, 2015
I am crying too during meditstion and I know I have years of trauma and grief to overcome.. should i have a guide with me? is is safe to do this alone?
moya - June 12, 2014
Would love to hear on this..
Dawn - May 20, 2014
I also cry when I meditate...but I find it`s usually because I feel an intense feeling of love or awe...I visualize myself seeing Christ...and am overcome by the experience...and then I feel so much love and is this really still a trauma???
Dawn - May 20, 2014
I can compare to this. This has happen to me as well. Several years ago I was in juvie. While at juvie we came out to do our rec (exercising time). As we were finishing our excercises, the officers put us on meditation. I usually DONT meditate, but when I did tears came out of the blue. I wipped my tears and went back on my meditatation. And it hahappened again, so I decided on not concentrating on my meditation. But I gatta say I never felt so good, relaxed and peacefull. But it was weird and emotional. But now I understand why. Thanks
Mayra - January 26, 2014
Just started meditating - and happened to me... how do you overcome?
Bonnie - January 19, 2014
Me too! I`m glad I`m not the only one. Thank you Deepak for explaining.
Travel Girl - December 2, 2013
I`m glad I read this because I sometimes feel like crying during meditation. I was under the impression that meditation is suppose to make you feel happy and connected but if I wanted to cry from hurt, sadness or disappoinment I must be clearly doing something wrong. So I`ve been stopping myself from crying during any meditation that provoked tears and I`ve been doing the meditation challenges with Deepak Chopra for almost a year now. If i feel it next time I`ll just let it happen and see what comes next.
Shaina Smith - November 22, 2013