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Crying in Meditation

Question: Hello Mr. Deepak Chopra When I meditate my eyes tear up and I start crying. What does this signify as this happens to me all the time and has been going on for over 6 months.

The crying indicates that there is a deep layer of grief and sorrow that the meditation is working on releasing. Six months is a long time for this to go on, but that only indicates that it is a profound emotional trauma that requires time to heal. It will go away eventually, continue to be patient.


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Dear Mr Chopra

During meditation a violet light seems to surround me. When this happens I feel safe and warm.
Please could you explain what this is, I'm new to meditating. Sometimes it gets more vibrant and there are times I feel emotional.
Thank you for your help.
Samantha Hough - February 7, 2016
Hello. It seems every time there is a Spiritual presence around and also when I am still/silent in meditation, my left eye will tear. Not crying, just tear up. And only the left one! It will usually release one single tear. Is there significance to why it is my left eye and only ever a tear?
Megan Yocher - August 21, 2015
Sir, I get tears in my eyes and vision gets blurred for much time after meditation. I wanted to know, why is this happening with me. But I dont cry bit I get only tears in my eyes.
. Kindly respond.
Dr Praveen - April 29, 2015
I am crying too during meditstion and I know I have years of trauma and grief to overcome.. should i have a guide with me? is is safe to do this alone?
moya - June 12, 2014
Would love to hear on this..
Dawn - May 20, 2014
I also cry when I meditate...but I find it`s usually because I feel an intense feeling of love or awe...I visualize myself seeing Christ...and am overcome by the experience...and then I feel so much love and is this really still a trauma???
Dawn - May 20, 2014
I can compare to this. This has happen to me as well. Several years ago I was in juvie. While at juvie we came out to do our rec (exercising time). As we were finishing our excercises, the officers put us on meditation. I usually DONT meditate, but when I did tears came out of the blue. I wipped my tears and went back on my meditatation. And it hahappened again, so I decided on not concentrating on my meditation. But I gatta say I never felt so good, relaxed and peacefull. But it was weird and emotional. But now I understand why. Thanks
Mayra - January 26, 2014
Just started meditating - and happened to me... how do you overcome?
Bonnie - January 19, 2014