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Releasing Negativity

What is a good way to release negativity? I saw a quote of yours recently saying be mindful of how you release negativity so it doesn't reflect back into your world. I know how you say be accepting of all your emotions as well, good and bad. I feel somewhat of an inertia inside me when doing so. Any suggestions?

A good way to release negativity is to connect the emotions you are feeling to the physical sensations in your body that are tied to the emotions. Through attention and conscious breathing you can clear the negativity. By releasing the negativity inside you, you avoid generating more negative consequences in the environment. This is in contrast to trying to release negativity by reacting to negativity you perceive from others. There you will likely only create more negativity for yourself and others that will need to be addressed later.



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Change thinking. Sometimes when one does the opposite of what one wants to do, it breaks the negativity spell.
Rev. Charlotte Fairchild - April 1, 2012
what we do to reduce acidity we consume base..thats the thing with negativity go for positivity to reduce negativity.
Krishna Mittal - March 30, 2012
VALERY - March 29, 2012
For releasing negativity, very little helps more than having faith that my needs will always get met when then `This too shall pass.` In the meantimes, I like to chant the Sanskrit verse, Gahtay Gahtay Parra Gahtay Parra Sahm Gahtay ... over and over as I walk. It soothes me with the patience I need to just keep breathing.\nAnd as for letting go of negativity, I practice keeping loving tabs on my \"Knotty Language\" with a length of yarn in my pocket. When I catch myself saying or thinking about that which fails to exist with the word \"not\" I tie another half hitch in my length of yarn. The key here is to witness whatever I do with the detachment of God`s eyes, rather than condemn or praise my behavior with emotional \"hooking\" invented by human uncivilization.
Goldindawn - March 29, 2012
Breathe in the love and joy and exhale the negativity out of your heart and body.
G.Gillman - March 29, 2012
Love! Loving! Being in love or looking forward to love!
Marcie Shields - March 28, 2012
What has worked for me is your teaching on releasing emotional toxins...Believe me : It works wonders..
Divya Singh - March 28, 2012
Breathing seems to work for me but I have to escape the negative person or environment first. If that means going to the public washroom or moving away from the location a bit, then I do it when I can. Worst thing is having to continually endure it, like a co-worker who is an emotional vampire. I actually resigned from a job because of that once. Yes I tried mediation but the co-worker`s dad was bringing big paying clients in to the company. `Nuff said.
Shannon - March 28, 2012